Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Slight Fever (Ep.10)

Ohana is feeling a little sick today, she probably overworked her body from last week's episode. I can't really blame her though, she did what she had to do and pushed herself to the limits to accomplish it. But even though she's feeling sick, she didn't tell anyone so they didn't know about it until after she lost consciousness while cleaning up in the hallway. ­­

Everyone was surprised about the news, especially Touru who shouted in shock after hearing it. They made her rest in bed for the day so she could recover the energy she lost.

They made Ohana rest in bed but for some reason, she just wouldn't stay still and wanted to go back to work. We see each of her workmates checking up on her every once in a while. Jiroumaru reads her stories he wrote so she could sleep peacefully, Nako feeds her with her homemade recipe that she usually feed to her siblings when they feel sick, Madam Manager makes sure that she's lying on bed, Minko fixes the sheets so it properly covers her and lastly Touru made a rice porridge.

Damn, I knew it! That Touru is up to something! He's been showing slight affection towards Ohana since the earlier episodes but this scene really proves it, poor Minko. Should we expect a love triangle in the near future?

Meanwhile in dream land, Ohana dreams about Kou, asking her to go back with him to the city but she told him that she wanted to stay because she loves it here. Poor Touru, even in her dreams all she thinks about is her Kou-chan. Poor Kou, even in dreams he is still rejected. After all the dreaming our heroine finally falls into deep sleep and the episode comes to an end.

Next episode:
Bark at the Night

Wait, who is this girl?


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