Friday, June 10, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: The Longest Day at Kissui Inn (Ep.9)

This episode starts where the last one ended and we see Ohana running around town to search for Touru who attended his friend's marriage ceremony. She thought that if maybe she can bring Touru back to the inn then everything should return to normal and the inn would recover from being cornered. But not knowing his exact location is indeed a big problem for her. ­­

Meanwhile, Kou arrives at the province but since Ohana is at the city right now his effort to come and see her are all in vain. But it's because of his encouragement that Ohana continues to persevere and do her best without losing hope. Though I gotta pity the guy, all his efforts since episode 1 always seem to end up in failure.

Ohana somehow managed to find Touru but soon collapses and loses strength due to running around from one place to another all day long to search for him. This made Touru somewhat happy, because Ohana put so much trust in him by believing that his mere presence at the inn could solve everything.

The two then went to the inn riding Touru's motorcycle. Everything could just be a coincidence or Touru planned everything from the very beginning! He could have predicted that by being away on such a busy day, Ohana would search for him and finally have her hug him from behind as they ride the bike together on their way back. It's either that he's a damn mastermind or I'm a crazy wizard with too much time making speculations.

With the return of the king, the kitchen is back on it's feet. Ren got his confidence back now that Touru is there to back him up and Minchi was able to help out in the kitchen because Totu is telling her what to do. Ohana is happy of the outcome as all her efforts bear fruit.

Kou is back at the city, working nightshift at the warehouse as Ohana is back at the inn, resting after a full day of breaking her limits. She really has done something amazing here. Traveling from the province to the city in search of 1 person and return is no simple task. I'm just wondering what happened to the bike that Ohana borrowed from Nako last episode...

Next Episode:
Slight Fever

See you next mission!


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