Thursday, June 9, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: Backslash Fever (Ep.9)

This episode begins with a taste of salt water, a vacation trip to the beach! Since we somewhat got a hot spring episode back at episode 1, I guess it's about time for a beach episode. I have to warn you though, expect a lot of fanservice! ­­

Since we are in a beach, it is only common to see the girls in their swimsuits, right?

Lotte in her pink swimwear and green inflatable lifebelt attachment.
Zelda in her sports swimwear (left) and Judit in her sexy bikini (right).
Ini in her bunny outfit (left) and Cuu in her green bathing suit (right).
Technically not a girl but girly enough.
"Don't worry, princess. I won't let you drown."

Everyone's having fun. Lotte and Ini are both learning how to swim with Naoya and Asuha helping them out. Zelda is playing watermelon smasher but watermelons in this world are alive and it ran away for its life. Judit is lazying around as always while Olav is busy cooking seafood.

"You won't get away!"
"This is the life..."

Sigurd is stalking Lotte as always and Dora is there just to stop him from making a mess.

"Prince, please behave yourself or I'll be forced to shoot you!"
While Lotte and the rest of the gang was playing on the beach, Queen Mercelida and her subordinate Ursula was just having a vacation too, not too far away from Lotte's place.

While the Queen is bathing under the heat of the sun, they heard a ruckus from nearby and when she came to check it out, she meets her beloved daughter Lotte.

"She's kinda weird, loves to hug and kiss other people, and she doesn't want to wear underwear but she acts mature at times and she's been like an older sister to me."

Mercelida and her daughter haven't talked for a while now and was asking her things to know about her. Lotte talks about her new friends, especially Asuha.

Asuha jumping at Unna.
Asuha kissing Mist.
Asuha hugging Lucca.

The Queen is happy hearing this, because unlike her daughter, she grew up being hated by her sisters fighting for the throne, so it's a good thing that Lotte loves her elder sister even though she doesn't know about it. Naoya calls out for Lotte and the two must part ways. But something's not right and Naoya suddenly collapses.

Naoya came down with a fever and Lotte's gang plans to make something to make him better. While Lotte, Asuha, Mist, Unna and Lucca are making a mess at the kitchen. Judit ordered Effie and Zelda to nurse Naoya which made him feel a lot more hotter. Lotte's gang fails at the kitchen because even though they are female, they never actually cooked anything as they all have servants to do it for them, with the exception of Asuha who have her beloved father. Sigurd came to their rescue and taught them about cooking.

Lotte serves the food they made to the sick Naoya and the day comes to an end. After a busy day, everyone got tired and they slept through the night.

Next Episode:
Adjacent Fist

See you next episode!


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