Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Run (Ep.8)

This episode starts inside Fukuya Inn with Ohana and Yuina chatting with each other. Ohana sees the magazine that Yuina is reading, checks it out and learned that magazines are sending "Mystery Guests" into inns to check and grade them on their performance. ­­

Our beloved Tomoe eating snacks as always.
On her way back to the inn, she then meets Minko and wondered what if a mystery guest is to come to the inn and ranked them as number one, maybe they might finally see the Madam Manager's happy face.

Back to the inn and the phone started ringing one after another. Reservations to stay are suddenly full and due to the fact that today is Nako and Touru's rest day, the inn would be short on staff to serve all the guests properly. The Madam Manager prepares herself to assist the waitress just in case but her old age kicks inn and she was sent to the hospital.

Kou as shy as ever.
Now, not only Nako and Touru but the Madam Manager is away as well! The inn is really in trouble this time. Ohana was at the hospital to watch her grandma but got sent back to the inn to take care of things in place of her grandma.

In the mean time, Kou is riding the train, on his way to the Kissui inn to visit his beloved Ohana. He called her on her phone to tell her this but got sidetracked and became her pillar of support instead.

With the Madam Manager away, Enishi is left with managing the inn and calls his only pillar of support, the inn's business consultant, Takako. Now the inn is not only understaffed but they are now under Takako's dictatorship.

"There is no time like the present!"
Takako has concluded that the only reason that they suddenly have this many guests is because among them is a "Mystery Guest". She sent Jiroumaru as a spy to pretend as a guest himself and check each room to see where the "Mystery Guest" is staying. She included that those customers who are more likely to be "Mystery Guest" are to be treated more special than the rest of the crowd. Ohana objects but noone would listen to a mere waitress.

"The food is YOUR responsibility!"
After checking with the waitresses, now it's time to check the kitchen. With Touru away and Minko not quite helpful as a trainee, Ren is left alone to do the cooking. Takako even pushed a lot of pressure to the man that he panicked and started doing stuff really slow to avoid mistakes.

"It's... my... responsibility?"
With the waitresses busy all the time and the kitchen as slow as Exdeath, the Kissui inn is now at the brink of collapse. Takako isn't helping to improve the situation and Enishi is blindly doing whatever she says, so it's up to Ohana to fix things around.

"Ohana told me 'We are in trouble, please help us?!'"
Ohana calls Nako for help even though it's her rest day. Desperate times comes for desperate measures afterall! Now if only Touru is around then the kitchen would back to normal but Touru is currently attending a friend's wedding back at the city. Ohana rushed to the city to bring back their only salvation.

"I don't know here Touru is..."
She arrives at the city but not knowing where Touru's exact location is, there is no other way but to check each room one by one...

Next Episode:
The Longest Day at Kissui Inn

"Please help us out next time, okay?"


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