Monday, June 6, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Durandal (Ep.8)

This episode starts with Aria's grand entrance to the field of battle. Kinji is down on the floor with  his right arm frozen to the ground. Aria frees him by breaking the ice with her sword. The two  prepares for battle but the enemy disappears into the darkness with his hostage. ­­

After a moment of searching, they found Shirayuki chained to the wall but the room just suddenly started flooding, and so they have to make haste. Aria chases after the villain upstairs as she can't swim while Kinji handles the chains that bind Shirayuki to the wall. Some time has passed and Kinji only managed to release one lock out of three using a lock pick and the water is already at neck level. Shirayuki tells him to just leave her alone but he refuses to leave a friend. Water has reached above head level and she starts to drown, with nothing left to do he provides her with air through their mouth. The "kiss" awakens Kinji's hidden potential and activates Hysteria-Mode. He released the two remaining locks like it was nothing and the two was blown away by the strong current into the second floor.

"Something is suspicious about those breasts!"
Kinji reunites with Aria and as they go to meet Shirayuki, Kinji finds something suspicious about her boobs. Maybe it's her underwear because last time I checked, Shirayuki was wearing a pair of black brassieres. He asked her if her lips was okay just to check and she answered without blushing and thus his suspicion was corrects. He warned Aria as he shoots the fake and the enemy reveals herself.

Although she is commonly named as Durandal, she didn't like the name. She is Jeanne D'Arc XXX (Joan of Arc the 30th). Apparently history was incorrect when Jeanne burned at the stake for being a witch, it was a fake and the real Jeanne lived in secrecy. By the way, I just have to say this; Jeanne D'Arc is voiced by one of my favorite voice actresses, Ayako Kawasumi who also voiced Saber (Fate/Stay Night) and Leina Vance (Queen's Blade). She always seem to get the role of female knight and I love it, especially on this one since Jeanne D'Arc looks identical to Saber up to some degree. She also voiced Harumi (Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera) but we really are getting off topic here.

The famous sword catcher.
A fight ensues between the eastern shrine maiden and the western knight, sound like Queen's Blade all over again!!! This isn't the battle to determine the strongest or to determine the better sword skill, this battle is all about broadswords and katanas. Which sword is superior, the dull but sturdy European broadsword or the delicate but sharp Japanese katanas. If you've watched The Sacred Blacksmith then you'll know the answer.

The three manages to gang up on Jeanne D'Arc but she's confident of herself as she isn't tied to Butei Law in which they aren't allowed to kill. Kinji catches her sword but touching the sword was a mistake as it could freeze him helpless, good thing the shrine maiden comes to the rescue and cuts Jeanne D'Arc's holy ice sword in half with her flaming katana.

The day is saved once again not because of logical thinking but by Aria's brute force and dual wielding abilities... and maybe some help from flaming shrine maidens.

Back to Kinji's apartment (aka. Aria's apartment (aka. Shirayuki's new apartment)) the team celebrates their victory. Aria wouldn't have won that battle if it weren't for Shirayuki's assistance and so she invited her into their team, she even gave her a duplicate key to Kinji's apartment so she could come in anytime and the two girls became friends. But their friendship didn't last long as flames of rivalry ignites once again.

The cold world outside Kinji's apartment.
Riko Mine Lupin IV
The camera pans out and the episode comes to an end.

Next Episode:
9th Bullet: Honey Trap

It's... It's not like... I want you here... or something...


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