Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Caged Bird (Ep.7)

Days have passed and there are still no clues about Durandal's whereabouts. Aria wants Kinji to check Shirayuki's phone for clues as Durandal usually sends a letter of challenge (in text format) to anyone he targets. Kinji refuses and brings up the subject that Durandal might not be real and could just be nothing but a rumor. ­­

"You are just like them..."
Aria insisted that Durandal is real because that is what her instinct tells her so but Kinji wanted proof, something that she could not provide. Kinji speculated and told Aria that she just wanted Durandal to be real so she could save her mom but in truth, Durandal is nothing but a rumor. Aria objects and tells him that Durandal is in fact real and she could feel it but could not turn those feelings into words unlike her great grandfather and because of that she was branded a defective Holmes, then Aria leaves.

Well, I gotta agree on that, Sherlock Holmes is famed for his logical reasoning and his talent in solving mysteries and cases that nobody could ever solve. He was the CSI of his age and Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan) or Victorique de Blois (Gosick) is more like him than Aria is. So far, Aria haven't solved anything through logical thinking but through using force instead.

"How do I look, Kin-chan?"
"Just for now, look at me..."
With Aria out of the picture, Kinji was left alone with his childhood friend. Shirayuki is a maiden of Hotogi and thus she's not allowed to go outside the shrine without permission. Being allowed to enter Butei School is already the limit but Kinji doesn't like that. For him, even though Shirayuki is able to do a lot of things that she can't do before, nothing has changed and she's still a cage bird. So even though she's not allowed to, he invited her to go to a fireworks festival so she could enjoy the world even more. During the little time that Kinji was away to buy some firecrackers, she receives a message on her phone.

Shirayuki receives a mysterious text message.
A new day starts and everyone is busy at school. Kinji have school-related tasks to do and goes off not knowing that Durandal is just waiting for him to leave Shirayuki alone. Shirayuki disappears without saying a word and her school adviser asked Kinji about her whereabouts.

"Calm yourself down or I'll shoot you!"
Panic runs through Kinji's mind as he desperately looks for her but she's nowhere to be found. How could he find someone if he's just running around without a clue. Reki contacts him and almost shoots him just to calm him down and gives him some information that may lead to her.

Kinji heads to the said location and investigates, there he found Shirayuki confronting an unknown person, probably Durandal. But as he tries to save her he was attacked instead and he is frozen in place. No really, the enemy seems to have freezing powers and his arm is frozen solid to the ground. Aria arrives to save the day but she seems to be too late as time has already ran out and the episode ends.

"Please don't hurt Kin-chan."

Next Episode:
8th Bullet: Durandal

"Be sure to watch me next time!"


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