Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: The Shrine Maiden of Hotogi (Ep.6)

The show starts where the last episodes cuts off and we see Shirayuki's grand entrance into Kinji's apartment. This woman is mad because she found out a rumor where Aria is living with Kinji, and not only that, Kinji was too busy with his last mission that he didn't have time to call her back or reply to her messages. Because of this, she blames Aria for everything and attacks her for stealing Kinji from her. ­­

"You already did it, huh?"
I didn't take long until Kinji convinced her that their relationship is only professional, Aria is just her partner, nothing more, nothing less. His words turned the mad shrine maiden back into her cute self. Everything was going fine until Shirayuki mentions something about kissing, then the two remembers what happened last episode at the plane, when Kinji kisses Aria to activate Hysteria-mode. The two blushes about the subject and Shirayuki became an even scarier person because of this but Aria's suddenly replies with something (shown below) that made the possessed shrine maiden collapse to the floor.

"Don't worry, I didn't get pregnant!"
"I'm afraid that Aria might take you away."
Another day starts at school and the two meets at the roof for a secret meeting. Aria wants to do a full investigation about Shirayuki to find out her weakness. Apparently, Shirayuki has been bullying Aria ever since this morning because of what happened last night. She did things like put a threat letter inside Aria's locker or throwing water outside the window just as Aria passes by.

Instead of finding her weakness, their investigation leads to the discovery that Shirayuki might be targeted by Durandal. Durandal is a criminal that targets high-rank Butei with special powers and abducts them, but there is still no proof of his existence whatsoever so he is always regarded as just a rumor.

Kinji and Shirayuki as children.
Aria believes at Durandal's existence because one of her Mom's sentences was for Durandal and so capturing him would take away some of her Mom's accused crimes. Even though they consider each other as enemies, Aria volunteers to become Shirayuki's personal bodyguard in order to catch the real villain. Shirayuki refuses Aria's offer as she doesn't want to be with Aria but soon agreed with the condition that Kinji becomes her personal bodyguard as well.

Due to the fact that both Aria and Kinji are now Shirayuki's bodyguard and they need to watch her at all cost, she now lives with them at Kinji's apartment. At first, this is good because Shirayuki is a great cook and thus the food will always taste nice but the friction between the two girls looks nothing but danger.

Shirayuki's color of choice.
A few pointless scenes later and we see Kinji taking his clothes off as he's about to take a bath but a mysterious phone call to Shirayuki made her panic and run to his location. She sees him naked and admittedly imagined naughty things about him. Kinji tells her it's okay but she refuses his forgiveness and said it would only be fair for him to see her naked too. She starts stripping in front of him and as he tries to stop her, Aria comes in the room and see them...

Next episode:
7th Bullet: Caged Bird

See you next mission!


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