Friday, June 3, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: Hey Demons! Behave Yourselves! (Ep.8)

The show starts with Enbi-chan dreaming about shaping the world based on her own image and we see an angel who look identical to her wakes her up. Shape the world based on her image? Is she trying to be God or something? Oh, well... At least we get to see sleeping Enbi-chan which I captured below for your viewing pleasure. ­­

Okay boys, let's make the world sexy!
Enbi starts her move by ordering the "Four Great Demons of Hell" to make the world sexy and fun. She also mentioned that the Demon Patrol should be avoided at all cost but by the time she said this, the 4 demons have already moved out to accomplish her command so they didn't get to hear Enbi's sweet advice.

By the time morning comes the whole school area have already become a ski resort due to the sudden climate change. The whole place is covered in ice and snow even though it's not that time of the year yet. While Princess Yukiko was enjoying the sudden change in temperature, Enma has literally attached himself into the heating table to keep his temperature in place.

The Demon Patrol soon made action and faced the Foure Great Demons of Hell (even though there's just three of them) but Enma is made useless by the weather, as he's very sensitive to cold temperature. The enemies tried to steal Enma's Flame Crown for their own benefit then Enbi-chan arrives in time to stop them and insisted that they NOT remove the crown at all but the demons rebelled against her instead.

With Enma unable to make a move, it was all up to the girls to fight their own battle. Each girl faced a demon and for some unknown weird reason, managed to beat them with just their girlish charms. The day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls Enbi, Harumi and Yukiko.

Suddenly out of nowhere the fourth demons shows himself, there really was four of them and I thought the demons were just bad at counting. But by the time he appeared, everybody already went home so I guess he was too late for the party.

Next Episode:
9th Flame: It's Nice and Warm, Mr. Tengu!

I'll wait for your return, okay?


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