Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: We'll Just Have to Crawl! (Ep.7)

The show starts with everything on the ground slipping and hitting the floor, and when I say everything, I meant EVERYTHING. This includes but not limited to humans, animals, insects, even vehicles like trains and buses are all upside-down. Now, both humans and animals have learned to crawl very close to the ground to avoid this unexplained catastrophe. ­­

It's not my fault you know?
As always, the Demon Patrol arrives late to the scene like they are not even concerned...well, they really don't care. But among them, Enbi-chan was pissed because a demon was wrecking havoc without her permission so they are looking for the culprit with their arch nemesis along. I know I've been calling our pink-caped nemesis, Enpi-chan all along but official sources like Star Child's english Enma-kun website named her Enbi-chan. There are many inconsistencies in that website when it comes to names but I'll play along and call her Enbi-chan since it sounds just as cute.

Enma and the gang manages to avoid the slipping effect by merely flying. Afterall, how could you slip through air, right? A few really random scenes later and the enemy finally shows itself!

He introduces himself as Enma, Enbi and Yukiko's childhood friend, even thoughh none of them actually remembers him. He planned everything so Enma and Enbi would team up against him because as he said, siblings should get along. Well, with every random crap going on, I gotta admit that I wasn't surprised by this revelation.

Don't hurt my little brother...
Apparently, Enma is ashamed to have Enbi as his sister because she's stark naked all the time but she's not even feeling a bit of shame. She insist that feeling shame about being naked is caused by wearing clothing, that if everyone wears nothing then the whole world will know no shame about their naked desires. She even pointed out that Enma used to be naked all the time too back when he was a baby and wasn't ashamed of it until he learned wearing some clothes.

Our beloved Enbi-chan shows off her body to imply that she doesn't feel a bit of shame but Enma still orders her around to wear something on because having his elder sister naked in public is humiliating.

The enemy mentions a bunch of things but in the end all he wanted was to marry Enbi-chan, his all time childhood crush. But in order for that to happen, he needs to get a hold of Enma's Flame Crown. The crown was used to be place around Enbi's waist back when she was still wearing clothes, but when the crown mysteriously found its way to Enma's head, Enbi started wearing nothing but her cape and her hat. The enemy wanted the crown back so Enbi would start wearing clothes again and thus wear the wedding dress for their wedding. Enma doesn't care because the crown will not come off even if he wanted to.

The crown placed on Enbi-chan's waist.

Our hero fights with all his might to defeat the enemy but before landing the final blow, he suddenly stopped. Enma didn't destroy him because he was still his childhood friend, so he forgave him for his crimes instead. Besides, Enma wants Enbi away from his life, so the enemy marrying her and taking her somewhere far away sounds like the perfect plan. Everything was good until Enma slips on a banana peel lying on the ground and accidentally hitting the enemy with his huge hammer. Childhood friend got sent to the void and the episode reaches its end.

Next Episode:
8th Flame: Hey Demons! Behave Yourselves!

I'll see you again next time!


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