Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: Strong Comma (Ep.8)

The show starts with Asuha and Lotte's trip to the clothing store with Naoya as the baggage carrier. It hasn't been five minutes yet and we are being showered with the finest fanservice already. We see the two girls try on different clothings, from japanese kimono's to nurse uniforms. We even see them in more revealing outfits that could border into bondage territory. This episode is full of pan shots that it took me quite some time to assemble the images for your viewing pleasure. ­­

Everything was going fine until Lotte asked our hero about his opinion on clothing in which he suggested Lotte to wear some pre-school uniform just because it's been a long time since he saw Asuha wearing one. He's not a toddlercon is he?

Lotte rushes out of the store after being upset by Naoya's opinion. She's nothing but a child in Naoya's point of view afterall since she's the same age as his daughter. She then bumps into this prince from a foreign country in which I forgot the name because I was too preoccupied looking at what's underneath that pink skirt. I'm not a toddlercon by the way... It was just plain curiosity.

These flowers are for you, my love.
It was love at first sight for the prince and a few scenes later, we see him sneaking into Lotte's all-girls school and confessed his love for her in front of everybody including Naoya. In a state of shock, Lotte accepts the flowers and the prince escaped like a fugitive inside a high security facility. Our hero was however powerless.

He was trying to steal me away from you!
From Lotte's point of view, the foreign prince was trying to take her away from her beloved Naoya but all Naoya did was just stand there and did nothing. He didn't even bother stopping the guy or facing the opposition. This upsets Lotte even more as she feels that her real prince isn't seeing her the way she wanted.

The foreign prince (I really need to know his name) makes another move during a celebration inside the Queen's castle and invited her away for a little talk. As the princess suddenly disappears without leaving any note or permission, Naoya became worried and searched for her. Before the two could get far, our hero manages to reach them and asked our beloved princess to return to the castle with him. The foreign prince got pissed and attacked our hero but he evaded it like nothing and countered with his own move as well. With the prince defeated, the two walks away as they gazed upon the stars above and lived happily ever after. THE END.

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