Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: Roly-poly Surprises (Ep.6)

So far, this is the craziest episode of this show as of yet. The story starts inside Harumi's classroom where a newly transferred student is introduced. His name is Goro Goro and anyone he touches becomes as plump as a balloon! Kappaeru reports this phenomena to the rest of the Demon Patrol after being affected by the roly-poly pandemic. ­­

BEWARE: Do not feed the animal.
Old Chappeau informs them that the enemy dislikes fit people. The team begins to make a move but they need a bait to capture the target. With Kappaeru and Harumi both affected by the pandemic and Enma being the one to capture the enemy, Yukiko is left  to be chosen as bait. With Enma promising to protect her, she agrees to do it.

Exercising could be this sexy?
Pincess Yukiko makes her move and begins exercising in the middle of nowhere in hopes to randomly attract the attention of the demon who is causing the pandemic. With Yukiko heavily wsweating to stay in shape, the enemy easily took the bait and Enma takes action to protect Yukiko from the fiend. They managed to capture him but someone interfered and now the tide is reversed.

Dororon Enpi-chan, as sexy as ever...

With Enpi's intervention, both Enma and Yukiko got affected by the roly-poly pandemic and the two inflated like balloons. Then the craziest thing happened, Enma, Yukiko and Harumi traveled the whole world by just bouncing and they reached different important landmarks from one country to another.

Final Dynamic Special!!!
It didn't took long until Enpi got affected by the disease too. Not wanting her new appearance she rebelled against her companion and fought alongside Enma and Yukiko. With the combined effort of the three, they managed to corner the enemy into the moon and with their combined finishing blow, they obliterated the enemy into nothingness.

Afterwards, everything returns to normal except for Harumi. Because she kept eating after being affected by the disease, her weight became permanent and now she needs to go on a diet and exercise a lot to return back to shape. Whoa! That's kinda harsh!

Next episode:
7th Flame: We'll Just Have to Crawl!

I'll see you again, okay?


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