Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: Portrait of Memories (Ep.7)

An outsider have come to Karakami village to become a schoool teacher. She meets with Kyouhei and Aki, not knowing that it could drastically change their lives forever. This is how the events unfolded six years ago... ­­

Aki, the protector of dogs from big meanies!
A lady by the name of Senou Chihaya just transferred in town and sees a boy getting bullied by a bunch of cocky bastards from the Kuuga clan. She tries to save the boy but Kyouhei comes to their rescue instead. The boy's name is Aki and he was trying to save a dog from the clutches of evil, now that the animal is safe though he no longer hold interest and tries to flee without saying anything. Angered by his action, she chased him down and forced him to take responsibility over the dog he just rescued. That was the first time the three have met.

This village is really surrounded by mountains, isn't it?
After class, she meets the same bastard from before and he demands that she became his girl. She refused but the bastard just won't let go so she used force and slapped him. That guy was a member of the Kuuga clan who pretty much governs the place so she got lectured by the principal afterwards.

Aki can take responsibilities too, you know?!
On her way home, Kyouhei arrives from nowhere with Kukuri promising to protect her from corrupt evil clan members but she refused saying that she's old enough to protect herself. Afterwards, she meets with Aki who is an outcast from society just like her.

Slowly drowning in despair and emptiness.
Bad rumors started spreading about her past, destroying her reputation as a teacher. During the confusion, that bastard appeared once again threatening her with his power to give herself up but she still refuses. Aki arrives along with his dog companion to save her and the three escaped to Aki's home for sanctuary.

A teacher and her student? What a scandal!
That was when she confesses all her past sins to Aki and how she became an outcast to society. No other place would accept her because of one mistake and for that reason, she chose to live in a remote village with no outside connection. But now that her past has been exposed to the village, she have no where to go. Aki still accepted her after everything and the two slept together during the night.

Aki and his dog Nono, back when they can still find happiness.
The next night, that cocky bastard from the Kuuga clan comes to Aki's house, killed his dog and abducts Chihaya while Aki was away. He comes to rescue her after he found out but the other guy summons Kuramitsuha to attack him. Chihaya pushed him back to save him and took the doll's attack and dies on the spot. In a fusion of despair and hatred, Aki took control of Kuramitsuha and started killing everyone inside the room. Afterwards, Kyouhei arrives to see the bloodshed...

Woohoo! He finally killed those damn bastards!
Damn! This show just keeps getting better and better. This episode is proof that a doll sings a different tune depending on the user. So the one who destroyed Takemikazuchi during episode 5 was not Utao but Kyouhei, since Kukuri sang his tune at that time. Also, Kyouhei is still a damn wuss during this time period, don't tell me he was only badass when he was much younger?!

Next Episode:
The Role of a God

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