Monday, August 29, 2011

Sacred Seven: Show Me Your Devotion (Ep.8)

Alma and Ruri got into a little argument due to a misunderstanding with each other. Not being able to take the situation any further, Onigawara asked them to find the necessary stone to repair him. Little did they know that Onigawara was just setting them up for a date. ­­

Ruri's face looks recycled from the old OP.
Aiba Foundation's background check on Kenmi and his research facility came out negative and they were only able to collect official data released by the facility itself. Ruri asks Makoto to dig further information about them to decide whether or not they are worthy of their trust.

Oh, you cunning demon you...
Afterwards, Ruri comes to Alma's home to talk to him in private. She was worried about his lack of motivation and wanted to give him a reason to fight. She then offered him a contract to ensure that he would be rewarded for helping her in her mission but Alma took it the wrong way and was insulted by the offer. That is when Onigawara thought of a brilliant plan to  make the two closer and asked them to fetch a special stone he could use to repair himself..

Ready for the date?
The next morning, Alma and Ruri met at the train station and proceeded to Kamakura where Onigawara's shrine was located. After receiving the piece of stone they needed, Onigawara told them though phone that they need hold hands until the stone starts to glow with passion. As gullible as ever, the two followed his instruction and held hands while they check the place out.

After some time, the two had lunch at a nearby ramen shop. Alma notices that Ruri is worried about something so she asked her quite frankly and managed to solve this little misunderstanding with each other. After finishing their large bowl of ramen, the two had a little quality time together exploring the town.

Something that can punish bullies!
Alma opens up about his past and he tells Ruri a story about his past. Years ago, Alma used to live in this town. Back then, he had friends who played with him despite not knowing each other's names but it all soon end when a bully tried to beat his friend up. He unleashed his powers to punish the meanie and went berserk, causing a very traumatic experience to the very friends he had. Because of that, they have to move away to avoid further damage. He never met a new friend since then...

Could his mom be a Light Stone?
After hearing his past, Ruri told him that they have met before but Alma can't seem to remember. The two had fun until night arrives, playing at the beach and watching the fireworks. When they arrived back home, they were surprised that Onigawara was already fixed even before they gave him the necessary stone to do the job. The stone demon admittedly claim that he tricked the two into dating each other.

Carrying Ruri like a princess?
For a date episode, this is exceedingly good. I especially liked the insert song near the middle of the episode sang by Ruri (Megumi Nakajima) herself.

Next Episode:
Will Like a Rolling Stone


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I haven't seen this one before, but the animation looks great!

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