Friday, May 13, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: A Tearful Chef Romance (Ep.5)

This episode starts with Minko still upset with Ohana and still a little down because of what they saw last episode. After being ignored by Minko, Nako and Tomoe arrives at the inn and asked her what happened, she tells them about Touru then Jiroumaru enters the scene and asked her more for details. ­­

The Grater Murder Case Mystery
Apparently, Jiroumaru has continued spying on the other employees like he did with Ohana before, he even bragged that he's so good at these that he should write mystery novels instead of erotica. But nobody cares about that at all, they just want info about Touru. Jirou concluded in his report that Fukuya Inn is trying to hire Touru as their chef so it could handicap Kissui until they can find a replacement. Tomoe added in some things about what she heard last night with Touru and Ren talking, then Minko comes inside the room bearing bad news that Touru didn't come to work today which all connects to Jiroumaru's theory overall.

Please give us our Touru back?
A lot of scenes skipped and we see Ohana barging into Fukuya Inn's lobby while calling out to the manager. She request them to please not take Touru away from them as he is an  important person to their workplace. Yuina came and told her that Touru is already back. She explained even more that Fukuya's main chef can't come to work that day so they requested help from Kissui and they sent Touru to work for them temporarily. She also explained that Touru and her was just riding the bike yesterday and there was nothing more about that.

The guy of the episode
In the end, it was all a misunderstanding thanks to Jiroumaru's detective work. Touru kinda felt a bit sad that with that rumor spreading in the inn, nobody tried to stop him from leaving aside from Ohana but felt at ease that she actually came just for him.

 Next Episode:
Nothing Venture Nothing Win

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