Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Grey Heron Rhapsody (Ep.4)

The show starts with Ohana wearing her school uniform. She transfers to a new school today and luckily it's the same school as Minko and Nako. She goes out and meets Touru on the way, as honest as always, he commented on Ohana's uniform to be too big for her and it looks like she's just cosplaying or something. She reacted by adjusting her skirt shorter and we get to see those sweet legs of her. Minko and Nako arrived and the three ride the train together to school. ­­

Do they train you to be the successor?
At school, she got assigned to the same class as Minko and got really famous with her classmates for being someone from Tokyo. I don't know how it works but since they live in the province, I guess her classmates envy city folks then. Her female classmates asked her about stuff in Tokyo while the boys interrogated her about Minko then suddenly out of nowhere, a girl named Yuina appears to take her away from the crowd and save her.

I like someone with long eyelashes.
Lunch time, we see Nako and Ohana eating lunch together then they see Minko not so far away with a guy confessing his feelings to her. She just shot him down so fast like she's not interested but the guy just have to ask what her type really is so she complied. She describes someone so specific that the guy just literally surrendered. Her description does sound really familiar and if I'm not mistaken, it's Touru. Ohana seems to not notice this though.

How should I text Kou?
Back at the inn, Ohana tries to be friendly to Minko so she could call her by her nickname Minchi. The chance arrived while she was bathing at the inn's bathhouse, Minko came to cleanse herself too so Ohana didn't let this one go. Ohana started talking by complaining about what she think is their common enemy, Touru. But Minko just snapped and told her that Touru is really kind and determined. Ohana suddenly realizes now that Touru is the one she described earlier.

Let's party!
The next day, Ohana apologize to Minko but she's just ignoring her. Minko walks outside and Ohana follows then the two saw something surprising. Touru, riding his bike, stops by Fukuya Inn and picks up Yuina, their classmate. The two was in shock, especially Minko. Jealous at what she saw, Minko runs away. Ohana tried to follow her but a giant bird appears out of nowhere and a boss battle ensues. To be continued.

New Character Introduction:

Yuina Wakura
She is the granddaughter of Fukuya Inn's owner and probably the future successor too. She's in the same class as Ohana and became friends with her at day 1. She likes to talk using a fake accent which differs depending on her mood.

Yuina is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu who also voiced Lala (To Love-Ru) and Nagi (Kannagi).

Next Episode:
A Tearful Chef Romance

Let's party?


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