Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: Quotation of Crossing (Ep.5)

The show starts with last episode's shocking revelation and we see Mercelida and Naoya in shock of each others' presence. Naoya wanted to say a lot of things to her, things that kept to himself for a very long time but messed up by saying it a manner that it sounded like a complaint. Mercelida was disappointed that after such a long time of not seeing each other, all he have to say are complaints. She flew outside the window with a taste of sadness and the night ends. ­­

LOL! I can read "Shemale" in there.
Afterwards, the Queen wanted to see him again but can't, because they had a little lover's quarrel. She wanted to sleep with him again, so she asked one of her followers, Isold, to search for someone with his exact description (left image). 

Meanwhile, inside the castle. Naoya and Asuha disguised themselves as maids to be able to sneak inside the castle and see the Queen. It didn't take long before they were caught by Isold who saw through Naoya perfect disguise and found out Naoya is a man. She even touched him down there to check his gender. The two got sent to the Queen's chamber by her request and the mission ended with a success.

Thank you, Mama.
Naoya and Mercelida meets and finally he was able to convey his true feelings for her. Finally, the Tohara family is happily together again.

Afterwards, the two talked about Lotte. Apparently, the Queen though that Lotte hated her all this time when in reality Lotte have been longing for her love all this time. Naoya asks the Queen to at least spend a time off with Lotte to make her happy and she complies.

Thank you, your Highness.
The next day, Mercelida appears at the school declaring an Official Visitation Day for any parents who wasn't able to come to the party because of their job. Lotte finds out that her mom is not the only one who didn't make it to the party, many of classmates were happy because their parents weren't able to come to the party as well but was able to come today.

Mother and daughter made up with each other which made Lotte the happiest girl that day.

Next Episode:
Caret of Being Lost

Don't cry now, okay?


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