Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Balut (Ep.3)

Nako and Minko braces themselves for Ohana's vengeance meal but when they got to the kitchen, she was nowhere to be found. Everyone was worried so they all searched the whole inn but still no one could find her anywhere. Not being able to find her, Nako begins to concern that maybe Ohana ran away because of her. ­­

Tomoe is pouting at the side.
Meanwhile, in the wave room. The great novelist, Jiroumaru, is tying Ohana up with the help of a rope bondage manual. He imprisoned her  to his room because she found out his secret. He's neither a famous writer nor a great novelist, he writes erotic stories as his job to pay for the inn's rent. Not only that, he uses the inn's staff as characters for his stories, Ohana being the main character. Ohana being cooperative and all was helping him and wasn't resisting at all. She's even reading his stories and was starting to see herself from another person's point of view. Nako arrives and everything got found out.

I fare thee well everyone...
While the staff is having a meeting about Jiroumarus crime, he escapes using the inn's transport vehicle and was determined into committing suicide by jumping off a cliff near the sea. Everyone tried to convince him not to but jumped anyway after blaming himself for being a failure at everything.

How could someone this beautiful be called a Kappa?
Out of the blue, Nako immediately  jumps off the cliff and saves Jiroumaru from drowning. Apparently, she's been trained to swim since childhood so she's a really good swimmer.

After all that, Ohana lectured Jiroumaru into not giving up his dreams. She insisted that he's a great writer for being able to write some attributes of her character that even she didn't know herself. In the end, he was forgiven but he still need to work off his debt to the inn so he'll be joining the crew while writing his next novel.

Nako and Ohana talked to each other afterwards and it was revealed that Nako wasn't very confident in being a waitress so she couldn't teach any of that to Ohana, but if it was swimming she could teach her all she wants. Also, Ohana serves Minchi with a bowl of spinach and was happy that she ate it, that's when Minchi started to call her balut. It's a type of food from the Philippines, a boiled duck egg with the fetus already forming inside. It's disgusting to eat believe me.

Next Episode:
Grey Heron Rhapsody

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