Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Cirno de Mayo!!!

Title:  Spinning Wheel Of Memories
Album:  Blade Of Ancient Temple


It's that time again folks, the 9th day of May, Cirno de Mayo. What better way to celebrate than to eat tacos while wearing my sombrero. ­­There are actually 2 Cirno-related holidays each year:
  • The first is Cirno de Mayo, which is celebrated every 9th day of May. Related to Cinco de Mayo which is celebrated at the 5th of May, this is when we celebrate everything Mexico with Cirno.
  • The second is the International Cirno Day, the strongest day of the year which is celebrated every 9th day of September. This festive holiday began when all the planets aligned at the 9th of September 2009 or simply 09/09/09 and was dubbed the strongest day on earth.

Note: In case you haven't noticed yet, Cirno is my most favorite character ever hence why I named my blog Cirnopoly and my very first post titled Beloved Girl's Rondo. The music embedded above is rock remix of Cirno's theme and it sounds great, the whole album itself is overall awesome too. I'll shut up now, so you all can celebrate in peace.

See you at the 9th of September!!


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