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Hanasaku Iroha: Vengeance is a Staff Meal (Ep.2)

Hi, there! It's been a while since I last posted anything. Here's the second episode of Iroha.

Ohana, feeling a little irritated about what happened yesterday woke up early and hacked the grass outside the inn to show everyone that even though she is still a newbie, she have determination. But her grandma just shook her off saying that she didn't cut it short enough and it'll grow back in no time, she added that her efforts were meaningless unless it showed great results. ­­

I hate you, mom!
Afterwards, Ohana was given the job of a waitress and was assigned under Nako. But being a very shy girl, Nako wasn't able to teach Ohana many things and didn't talk much either and because of this they got in trouble with one of the VIP customers, Mr. Jiroumaru, who is a world acclaimed writer staying at Kissui inn to write his next best selling novel.

Also, Minchi messed up cooking one of the customers dishes so they have to take extra time to make it again. Because of this, they weren't able to prepare breakfast for the staff. Ohana having nothing to do at that time made breakfast for the staff and because of this she was applaud for doing something good. Minchi took it as an insult though, because of her own failure she wasn't able to make breakfast and blames Ohana for no good reason.

At the end, Ohana faced both Minchi and Nako and forced them to tell her their most hated dishes. Ohana's making breakfast for tomorrow, so she wants their most hated dishes so she could make them as the two pisses her off. They two will surely taste vengeance like they never tasted before!

Minor Characters:
Like I said at my previous post, I'll post about the the rest of the cast here.

 Ohana's mom, probably one of the worst moms ever. But because of her uselessness, Ohana grew up to be this lovable girl who's very good at cooking and pretty determined, so I guess that makes her the best mom or something.

Ohana's Grandmother
I don't recall hearing her name so I'll just call her Ohana's grandma. She is the owner of the Kissui Inn, very strict and orderly. She's so strict that she hit Minchi's face because of Ohana's mistake. I think she cares about Ohana a lot more than she shows.

He's Ohana's best friend from episode 1. He have feelings for Ohana and thought that as long as they remain together, she will someday notice his feelings. The two separated with his confession before Ohana departed, so there was some awkwardness between them afterward.

Probably my favorite minor character in the show. She likes to hear all sorts of stories about the other employees so she's the gossip queen of the inn. Also, she's still single and is very sensitive about the topic. She is voiced by Mamiko Noto who also voiced Tomoe (Queen's Blade) and Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad)

He is the senior chef of the inn. He have a really sharp tongue which means make him say a lot of things in a very rude manner but he doesn't really mean it. He just says what he wants to say, so he's a pretty honest guy, I think. Minko is under his supervision.

The head cook of the inn. Having been incharged of the kitchen for years he has pretty much mastered it. Touru and Minko is under his supervisionand teaches them the way of the chef. He's not really strick but he's very direct in his orders.

Ohana's uncle and her mom's little brother. He was bullied by Ohana's mom when he was still a kid so when he met Ohana, he told her that he would get revenge on the daughter instead, though he haven't done anything to her as of yet. He is directly under the owner of Kissui inn which makes him either a manager or supervisor.

He is a famous writer and an award-winning novelist who came to the inn to take a vacation while writing his next novel. His script got lost in episode 2 and he's blaming Ohana for cleaning his room. He acts all high and mighty around the inn's employees and probably hated by them.

That's all of them I guess. 

Next episode:
Episode 3: Balut

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