Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Sixteen Years of Age, Spring, Still Buds (Ep.1)

I'm kinda late to the party but I finally got the time to watch this show!

Ohana is just your ordinary high school girl. She cooks, do the house chores and live a pretty ordinary boring life with her mom. One day, that life changed when Ohana's mom and her boyfriend eloped together. Not wanting to leave Ohana all alone by herself, her mom sent her to her grandma's who owns an inn. There, she thought a new life of excitement awaits her but what she got was a life of work instead. ­­

The Main Characters:

Saten with light brown hair.
Ohana was raised by her mother to trust only herself to avoid being betrayed by others. She also have been cooking since pre-school because her mom is useless in the kitchen and always too busy with her work.

Ohana is voiced by Kanae Itou who also voiced Saten Ruiko (A Certain Scientific Railgun) and Airi (Queen's Blade).

Uiharu with no flowers on her head.
Nako is a pretty shy girl, usually pretty quiet and avoids talking most of the time but seems to be pretty close to Minko as she calls her by her nickname Minchi. She works part-time at Kissu Inn as a cleaning lady during mornings and as a waitress during busy hours.

She is voiced by Aki Toyosaki who also voiced Kazari Uiharu (A Certain Scientific Railgun) who is the best friend of Saten Ruiko above and Yui Hirasawa (K-On!).

I'm sorry, please die!
Minko is the very first person who Ohana meets at Kissu Inn. She keeps telling Ohana to die! everytime she does something to irritate her. She is very close to Nako who calls her Minchi.

Out of the three main characters, this girl's voice actress seems to be the only one I don't recognize based on her past works so I really can't comment anything here.

So far I've only introduced the three main heroines of the series, the rest of the cast are kinda unimportant right now and I can't remember their names. Maybe I'll write them up next episode?

Next Episode:
Vengeance is a Staff Meal

See you around!


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