Monday, May 2, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: First Mission (Ep.3)

The show starts with Kinji attending the assault class with his old classmates teasing him. The teasing ends when Aria appeared though, it seems like they were afraid of her or at least dislike her for being ranked S due to having a large gap in their abilities. Kinji comments how she is always going solo just like her name implies. Aria is a vocal piece in an opera that is sung in solo. Honestly though, this is the first time I heard this so I just learned something new. ­­

>:3 It's a lion! Get in the car!
They visit a nearby arcade then Kinji saw Aria stuck in front of the UFO catcher. Aria seems to be not familiar with so Kinji taught her how to play the game. A few minutes wasted and a few tokens later, Aria still haven't got a single doll and just lost the game. Kinji plays with the last token and for some freakin' haxx reason, he got TWO dolls in a single try. Is this guy some kind of crane master or something?! Someone should give this guy a crane so he can catch the criminals.

Kinji goes home and see that his wrist watch is off compared to his wall clock and alarm clock so he set it 5 minutes back. Now this is something suspicious, someone must have entered his room to change the time but who could it be?

No, Kinji... You are the criminal!
Tomorrow morning, Kinji misses the bus because his watch is late by 5 minutes which is good because there's a bomb in that bus. Aria and Kinji sorties and follows the bus to save their comrades which were injured by an attacker from outside the bus. The two managed to catch the bus, took down the attacker and found the bomb from beneath the vehicle. But it was too far for Aria to reach so she called Kinji and then came another attacker aiming at him. Aria moved with haste trying to save him and got injured in the process while air support arrives with Reki as the sniper. She shot down the bomb with perfect accuracy and saved the day.

The episode ends with Aria being pretty much disappointed at Kinji for not doing anything helpful, heck he can't even protect himself from the attacker. What a wuss!

Next Episode:
4th Bullet: Butei Killer

See you next mission...


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