Sunday, May 1, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: Party Ampersand (Ep.4)

The story starts with Lotte's school teacher handing out invitations to a parent-teacher party. Asuha invited her dad but Lotte's mom is Ygvarland's Queen so she'll probably be too busy to attend, at least that's what Lotte thinks. Asuha interrupts her and told her that she should try inviting her because she might just come. ­­

Igvarland Academy's invitation card.
Next morning, Lotte departs to see the Queen in person but because the Queen was in the middle of a meeting she waited for a while at a guest room. Some time passed and she needs to go to the ladies room, so she hurried up and run but paused when she saw the Queen and her ministers. The Queen wants to push back an important meeting for 3 hours because she wants to meet Lotte immediately but the ministers insists that she goes to the meeting first. The Queen was very obstinate with her decision so the old men blames Lotte for coming at such a busy day. Lotte heard everything, not wanting to be a burden to her mom, she left the castle silently. When her mom finally arrives at the guest room that Lotte is supposed to wait, all she saw was the invitation that her daughter have left.

Back home, Lotte pretends to Asuha and the rest that she gave the invitation to her mom when in all actuality she just left silently without saying anything.

The next day, the party finally began and everyone is dressed elegantly. Everyone was with their parent but Lotte was all alone. She kept looking at her watch waiting for her mother to arrive. She waited until everyone had left the building but her mom was nowhere to be seen.

A moment later, you hear the sound of a wheel violently clashing against the brick road, in a hurry to reach its destination. The Queen arrives but she was too late and nobody was left at the scene. The Queen decides to visit Lotte at her house even though it is passed sleeping time, just to see her beloved daughter in her slumber.

Asuhariet                                  Asuha
When the Queen arrives she sensed something nostalgic around the house and entered a room in curiousity, it was Asuha and Naoya's room. When she was about to peek at who's in the bed, Asuha suddenly wakes up saying that she smells her mommy nearby. When Asuha sees the Queen she immediately recognizes her as her mom. It took a while but the Queen recognizes her as Asuhariet, her daughter. Oh, shit! What a twist!!! So the flash back we see at episode 2 was actually Lotte's mom. Naoya was reminded of the Queen, the moment he saw her daughter because they looked similar. Naoya wakes up and when the two saw each other, the episode suddenly turns to an end.

Next Episode:
Crossing Quotes

"Y-You are Asuhariet's..."


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