Friday, April 29, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: You're Her Dream (Ep.4)

The story starts of when Harumi finds a cat in the middle of snow and suddenly knocks out. Princess Yukiko founds Harumi buried in a pile of snow while she's strolling around in the cold and brings her to Demon Patrol HQ. ­­

A hundred years of bad luck for you!
Harumi won't wake up so she took her to a room where she can rest properly. This cat to the right appears and all of a sudden talks. Princess Yukiko, acting like herself was amuse of this and got unconscious too. Enma's demon radar alarms and they came to the rescue, except they were too late and the two girls are now permanently unconscious. The team did all they can to awaken the girls, even try touching them in certain areas but it was to no avail. They got tired, took a break and fell asleep.

Gilgamesh Morphing Time!!!
When they opened their eyes, they were at dream world with the rest of the cast. They were all doing pretty stupid stuff there that its like everyone is trippin' on acid or something. Enma realizes that this is just a dream, so like every lucid dreamer out there, he did what he can do best. Take control of his dreams! He transforms into a super robot and fired rocket punches to beat the enemy. Everybody wakes up, Enma then proceeds to beating the crap of his opponent with his gigantic flame hammer and obliterate them to kingdom come without any form of mercy or what-so-ever.

With everyone safe and back to normal they meet their new enemy, Dororon Enpi-chan. She talks for a while like last time and then disappears into the sky like a puff of smoke. If you watched the last episode which is episode 3, you'll remember her appearing at the end.

Next Episode:
5th Flame: All-Girls Competition in the Beehive

"See you next time~!"


Anonymous said...

that super robot is actually mazinger z. how could you not know that?

Lord Phrozen said...

I know that Enma and Mazinger Z was both created by Go Nagai. Actually, I had "Mazinger Z Rocket Punch" in there but playing Dissidia just before writing this post it reminded me of Gilgamesh's rocket punch hence the "Gilgamesh Morphing Time!!!"

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