Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: The Parentheses of Passing (Ep.3)

Whoa! The episode starts off with a very shocking revelation, Naoya wants to bring his daughter to this world because his job requires him to live there. A DAUGHTER YOU SAY?! You mean that girl we saw before wasn't his little sister but his daughter instead?! ­­

Now hold on there for a minute. That isn't the last shocking news this episode is packed with, there's more! Not only is Asuha Naoya's daughter but Naoya is currently only 23-years old! If Asuha is 10-years old and Naoya is 23, then that makes him a father at an early age of THIRTEEN! What a scandal!!

Come at me bro!
After those shocking moments in anime, Asuha now lives with the Princess together with her dad. Asuha all of sudden wants to go to Lotte's school out of sheer curiousity of what it looks like, Judit agrees and makes all the important proceedures. Now, Asuha goes to the same school as Lotte and because of that and they made friends together.

Humans in Ygvarland are nothing but mythological creatures just like how vampires and succubus are to the our realm. Their known description of a human is that they walk on all fours, have a long neck and have bucked teeth, basically making it a monster. So when news spreads out that a human male entered the school grounds everyone got scared and kinda panicked. They found that abomination (pictured above to the right) and thought it was the human.

Asuha and Lotte's new found friends.

Naoya arrives just in time to save them from the hungry beast and they found out that it was just a new animal that escaped the nearby zoo. Naoya serves them with packed lunch and everyone lived happily ever after.

Next Episode:
Party Ampersand

The famed Tohara I'm-Not-Mad-Anymore kiss!


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