Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Quadra Aria (Ep.2)

This show is starting to tick me off. First off, the animation quality is really bad and inconsistent. Probably among the worst animation quality of this season. Second, this is turning out into Shana 2.0 since everything is very similar including the character design. So far though, I have no plans of dropping it so I'll probably be watching it for the sake of listening to Rie Kugimiya's voice. ­­

You are now my slave, Kinji!
The show starts of with Aria demanding to live at Kinji's apartment and for him to become her slave. Before he can even answer, she insisted that as her slave he should make her a cup of coffee and get something to eat because she's hungry. The guy complies without any any form of resistance. Now, while they are eating she then tells Kinji to join the assault team so they can do missions together in which he resisted because he doesn't want to do assault missions anymore and about to quit being butei but Aria wasn't listening to him at all.

Hehe, now pay up and give me MAIGOSU.
The next day, Kinji asked his classmate, Riko, to do some research about Aria. She compiled a book of document about her in exchange for some DVDs or something... I'm not sure about that one. Btw, Riko is one of the more interesting characters of the show, she shows to have no ability in fighting and love gothic lolita to the point that she modified her school uniform to have frills.

Kinji goes home and tells Aria about the information he got about her. But he isn't the only one who did research. Aria found out that Kinji is only ranked E because he didn't take the third year final examination, when his entrance exam was a sparkling rank S, proving that Kinji does have the skills just not using them. But Kinji doesn't want to transform into Hysteria-Mode due to the fact that he acts like a pervert in that mode.

Next Episode:
3rd Bullet: First Mission

See you next mission...


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