Monday, April 25, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: Bigger is Better? (Ep.3)

By harnessing the power of the king, Harumi turns into a gigantic beast capable of destroying the entirety of all Japan in a single night. Enmazilla, Yukidactyl and Kapparpillar uses all the libido in the underworld to protect the land of the rising sun and make peace with the world... Nah, just kidding! ­­

Chiko lives in a mansion and have 100 female servants?!
The show starts Harumi's teacher being possessed by one of the demons that they are hunting. Enma checks it out whether this info is correct and heads out to Ms. Chiko house all alone. There, he found Ms. Chiko throwing around all her female servants into the bath, making them all wet and hot (the water is hot I mean). He managed to beat them all in a comedic match of absolute nonsense and then when he's finally about to remove the spell on Ms. Chiko, he got distracted by the other servants and moved out of the house.

A nice way to cover your private areas.
Enma returns but not alone this time, he brought the whole Demon Patrol with him. The plan is to make Princess Yukiko to dress like Ms. Chiko and act as a decoy so when the enemy appears, BAM! He's toasted. But when they are about to remove Ms. Chiko's clothes, they found out that she not wearing anything but a heart-shaped micro lingerie. Now, Yukiko has to wear this peice of clothing and act as decoy. You know what that means? MORE FANSERVICE!!! Yukiko was sure to take her time wearing the damn excuse of a clothing then the enemy suddenly appears out of nowhere. They fought, Enma summons his giant hammer and BOOM! One enemy got sent to the void!

After the battle a new enemy appears from afar, declaring that she wants the world to do perverted and sexy stuff. She calls herself, Dororon Enpi-chan.

Next Episode:
4th Flame: You're Her Dream

"Watch me next time, okay?"


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