Saturday, April 23, 2011

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: My Best Friend (Ep.12)

This is it, the moment we all have been waiting for. You can't measure how much excitement I was feeling waiting for this episode to air. And now it's finally here. ­­

The episode starts of where the last episode has ended and we see Madoka and Homura in a ruined city. Madoka finally makes a wish and becomes a Puella Magi. What did she wished for? She wished to purify all witches in all time and space before they are even born, with her own hands. You realize how broken and powerful that wish is, right? Because of this wish, she becomes omnipresent, which means that she's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She can exist in all time and space, and so she becomes a god that purifies the witches by absorbing their curses and despair from the past to the future with no end.

Super Ultra Galactic Magical Dreadnought Madoka
As we all have learned throughout the series, a Puella Magi will become a witch, one way or another and there is no escaping it. With so much curse and despair, Madoka becomes a witch so big and powerful that even the planet Earth could not contain her. But wait a minute, didn't she wished to purify ALL witches? That's right! Because of her ultimate wish, she appears again as a Puella Magi to destroy her own witch form. Now, this creates a paradox. Because she destroyed herself, she no longer have a beginning or an end. She exist all the time and yet she is erased.

Shall I give you DIS PEAR?
Time goes back to normal but Madoka's existence is erased, she wasn't even born and almost everyone doesn't remember her. Everyone except for one girl, Homura. She can still remember Madoka but considering that she's the only one who knows her existence, it is possible that Madoka is just her imagination because she never existed and was never born. You may not see her but she's there, purifying all the witches in absolute secrecy. Even in this new timeline, Sayaka still becomes a witch so Madoka came to purify her.

Never forget...
With all the witches erased from existence due to Madoka's wish, a new type of enemy was born to replace them, those are the demons. Born of hate and despair they take form and create chaos. Homura stands up once again to battle this new enemy and the show comes to an end.

A final message from the show:
The End.


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