Friday, April 22, 2011

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Only Path Remaining (Ep.11)

After being delayed for a month due to the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred in Japan, a new episode finally airs. In this episode, it is revealed that Homura is the cause for Madoka's ultimate demise and misfortune. For everytime Homura travels back in time to change the past, the amount of misfortune in that timeline will transfer to Madoka in the current timeline, being the only connection and the center of all the unfinished parallel timeline that Homura created. ­­
Homura burns the witch!
Homura goes to fight Walpurgisnacht alone, even though she know that she doesn't stand a chance. She unleash a continuous barrage of attacks that when combined would be capable of destroying a whole city. She fired a hundred rockets, crash a demolition truck, fired missiles and set hundreds of mines but it was all for naught, for nothing could damage the strongest witch. She does all this in an effort to save Madoka from her twisted fate.
Madoka is a good girl.
Meanwhile, in an evacuation center. Madoka confronts Kyubey and asks him whether or not Homura have the slightest chance of winning. With an answer of "no", she was left with no choice but to save her precious friend herself. But what can mere girl do to protect everything that she loved in the world? All she can do right now is make a wish and make it all disappear.

Next time on Madoka: 
Episode 12. My Best Friend
To be continued...


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