Thursday, April 21, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: The First Semicolon (Ep.2)

This episode begins with Naoya's meeting with Judit who offers him a job that pays 500,000 yen, and then Asuha joins in the negotiation and adds an additional 200,000 yen. The negotiation ends with a monthly pay of 600,000 yen total. Now, Naoya is employed by Judit to be one of Lotte's harem. ­­

Mysterious blond girl?
Younger Asuha?

Upon meeting the princess, Naoya is reminded of something and we see two shots as flashbacks. What could these mean? Did that girl give Asuha that golden hair ornament at the right picture? Hmmm... suspicious!

Astarotte's toy drinking milk on his computer.
As Naoya enters Princess Lotte;s room, he accidentally bumps into Lotte holding a big jar of milk, breaking the jar and spilling the insides in the process. Lotte planned the whole thing but pretends to be all sweet and innocent and tells him that she cannot sleep without drinking that kind of milk. So out hero went out on a journey to hunt for this legendary dairy product. He traveled far and wide from one place to another and he still can't find the same milk that the princess is drinking, it have been a very rare brand.

Breast feeding is best for babies up to 2-years of age.
Naoya and one of Lotte's maids, Effie, talks for a moment and she asks him why he goes so far into finding this milk. He answers by saying that Lotte must have been lonely all this time and what she need isn't a partner in bed, but someone who would make her happy. Effie gives it up and tells Naoya where they are getting the milk from. Guess where? If you haven't figured it out yet, even with that picture of Effie above then you don't deserve to watch this show! No really, the milk is from Effie herself. She squeezes it out everyday to to feed Lotte with the healthiest milk ever. What a good caring maid Lotte got there.

When they got back not only did Naoya served Princess Lotte with the milk he also made a stuffed toy for Lotte. It was a replica of a toy that Lotte used to have since she was a child (Well she's still a child but you know what I mean). And so, gaining the trust of both Effie and Lotte our hero is now viewed and another light.

Next Episode:
The Parentheses of Passing



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