Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Butei Killer (Ep.4)

This episode begins with a flashback from the past. Kinji's older brother was a Butei. He was involved in a ship wreck incident and even though he sacrificed his life to save every passenger on the ship, the people he saved blamed him for not being able to stop the incident. He saved the passengers that not one got hurt, died to accomplish that mission and yet he was still the bad guy in the end. Kinji wakes up from this bad dream and his day begins. ­­

Aria's Mom
Kinji saw Aria on the streets and decided to follow her around. It led him to the police station and found out that Aria's mom has been framed to be the Butei Killer. Aria was doing her best to catch the real Butei Killer so she could prove her mom's innocence but she can't do this mission alone, she needed a suitable partner. Somebody who could keep up with her skills and back her up in critical moments. That's why she needed Kinji, but Kinji refused and wanted to quit being Butei. He didn't want to end up like his brother. Because of his refusal, Aria decided to go alone and head to Europe.

Hysteric-Mode Activate!
While strolling outside just after refusing Aria's proposal. Riko calls him up to have a private meeting. She gave him info that the Butei Killer may be involved in his brother's death and that Aria might be the killer's next target. Riko was acting so sexy and seductive while giving him this info that his blood just boiled and triggered his Hysteric-Mode to activate. He then compiled all the info that he received and left to search for Aria.

What a twist!!!
Kinji quickly dashed through the airport and made it to Aria's plane just in time before it departs. He informs Aria about the possibility that the Butei Killer could be on board and is targeting her. The two braces for battle and searched for the killer. As they searched through the plane, they found a suspicious person all alone in the bar. That person reveals herself to be none other than Riko herself.

Whoa! This is madness!
Riko introduces herself as the 4th descendant of Lupin, the great thief. She wanted to surpass her own great grandfather, but needed a worthy adversary in able to accomplish that, that's when she caught eye of Aria, the 4th descendant of Sherlock Holmes.But Sherlock Holmes was famed for having a reliable partner and that's what Kinji is for. She planned everything up from the death of Kinji's brother up to the arrest of Aria's Mom just so Aria and Kinji could work together and become her nemesis. Damn! This girl is not only hot, she's also a criminal mastermind!

Madness? This is Sparta!
A gunfight ensues but for some reason nobody is getting hurt because their school uniforms are bulletproof. Well, that's kinda convenient, their guns can take down cars and yet can't pierce through a thin piece of bulletproof school uniform, awesome! That's not all, they have to shoot at point blank range for the bullet to penetrate through the clothing and hit some flesh, so both Aria and Riko are shooting at each other within punching range. Through teamwork, Aria and Kinji somehow managed to corner Riko but Riko has yet to show her true potential, like Aria she is also a Quadra, but unlike Aria she could wield all four weapons at once because she could somehow control her hair. She repelled them in an instant with four weapons at her disposal. Without wasting a single moment, sh shot Aria at point-blank and the bullet pierced through the girl's delicate skin. Kinji shouts as Aria passes out and the episode ends...

This episode is full of Riko goodness that I'm just gonna dump a some screen shots of her:

Next Episode:
5th Bullet: Butei Law Section 1

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