Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Butei Law Section One (Ep.5)

This episode starts where the last one ended. Riko shoots Aria at point-blank range and the bullet penetrates through her bulletproof uniform into her stomach. While Riko was in the ecstasy of winning, Kinji picks up Aria and runs away to hide. ­­

Goodbye, Aria!
Kinji tends to Aria's wounds with his first aid kit and managed to save her. Now really, what the hell is that drug he used? First of all, Aria have a bullet wound so lethal that her heart literally stopped beating, then he injects some kind of medicine directly into her heart to revive her and now she's moving like there's no bullet wound at all. They could've at least shown Kinji cleaning up the bullet wound or something but I guess a shot of Butei medicine is enough to heal all wounds I guess.

If there is no exit, then make one!
The two prepares for battle then Riko enters the room to finish them off. Riko shoots Kinji but he just slashes it off with his trusty knife then Aria comes in with a preemptive strike and Riko is defeated. She escapes by blowing up a hole into the plane and jumping off, transforming her uniform into a parachute, she braces the cold sky with only her underwear. She's wearing yellow bra and panties that looks like it have frills and ribbons if you have to know.

Believe in me, who believes in you!
Just after Riko's escape, two missiles suddenly hits the airplan'es wings. Because of this, the airport refuses them to land due to the high probability of a plane crash. They have to land somewhere else and that's when the rest of the Butei came in to help them. For some reason the two piloted the plane into safety and everybody got a happy ending. Except for Kinji of course. Shirayuki found out that he sleeps in the same room as Aria and came to his room to rid the intruder. Then the episode fades away.

Next Episode:
6th Bullet: Miko of the Hotogi

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