Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Nothing Venture Nothing Win (Ep.6)

After working for quite some time now, Ohana finally receives her very first pay. She expected her pay to be small considering how her Grandma is treating her, but was quite surprised that she received 20,000 yen. ­­

Her mom used to pay her too for doing all the housework, that's 500 yen multiplied by her age. So at the age of 16 she's getting 8,000 yen for her allowance and that's it. 20,000 yen might be small but if you consider that she doesn't need to pay rent and food because of her job then all is quite okay.

Nothing venture, nothing win!
Outside the inn, Ohana and Nako meets a new character. Her name is Takako Kawajiri, a management consultant. She comes to the inn every now and then to introduce some new ideas to improve their services and attract more customers. This time around she introduces cosplay and with Ohana and Nako on sight, she made them her immediate test subjects for this experiment and made them wear the costumes below.

After dressing up, the two girls appears with chinese clothing. The dress is so tightly made that it really shows the female figure. After they made us drool over Nako and Ohana's figure, Takako's experiment finally begins.

Satsuki, is that you?
Their first customer was a man, and as he saw the two he got nervous and made some impression towards his wife and kid. The experiment failed and Takako exits the inn. That idea may have failed but they do need something to attract more customers, especially since Fukuya inn has a much better establishment and service than them and because of this Ohana tried to convince the Manager to let them try it one more time using dresses with higher slits, only to face her rejection.

The old janitor saw Ohana's effort and led her into a secret room inside the inn. The room was filled with kimonos of different colors that Madam Manager made herself. Apparently, when the Madam Manager was a lot younger, she had the same idea as Ohana and wanted to improve the Inn's image so she made those kimono to attract customers.

The kimono made a good image for the inn and the old regulars were reminded of the past when the Madam Manager was still wearing them. In the end, Ohana made her Grandma happy just by wearing the dress she made and reminding her of the good old times.

Next Episode:
All Quiet on the Kissui Front

You'll come back, right?


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