Friday, May 20, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: All Quiet on the Kissui Front (Ep.7)

Tomoe, still single at the age of 28 is starting to worry about her future. Her parents wants her to get married soon and give them a grandchild while they are still healthy, so her Mom is making steps to arrange a meeting for her. ­­

What are you saying? You're still young, Tomoe.
She only wanted to work at the Inn until she meets someone rich and famous, but as we all know, it didn't work out and one of her candidates, Jiroumaru, is nothing but a joke. She's starting to envy Ohana and Nako for being so young and able to do things that she no longer can't like wear miniskirts and stuff which I would pretty much like to see myself. I can't believe that she can't find a partner with that much beauty at her disposal.

They are just a bunch of stalkers!
A bunch of guests are coming in and we see them first while Ohana and Nako are on their way back from school. The two girls can feel someone following them so they run to the inn for sanctuary. These guests are what they call survival gamers. They are equipped with full military gear with air-soft assault rifles. They come to the inn every once in a while to simulate and conduct a series of military exercises.

They did what?!
After their pursuit operation on Ohana and Nako, they have planned a preemptive strike on Ohana while she was cleaning the men's bath. Being happy as she is, Ohana was just lazing around and dipping herself into the hot spring instead of scrubbing the floor. Tomoe spots the soldiers spying just outside the hot springs and alerted them into escaping. The mission failed and we see Ohana wearing only a wet bath towel wrapped around her delicious slim body.

Tomoe decided to quit working at Kissui so she can attend the marriage arrangements that her mom was fixing for her but she didn't want to go down alone. She wanted to go out with a bang.

Kissui Front Headquarters
She plans to get fired from her job by protecting Ohana and Nako from the guests that do nothing but stalk and peep on them all day. She then devised a counter attack operation. Equipped with only a fire hose attached to a high-powered water pump, she waited for the enemy to advance. The enemy team arrives at their target destination, the hot springs, but was surprised to see Jiroumaru instead of Ohana. While the enemy is under confusion, Tomoe fires away with her hydro pumpand defeated all the hostile forces within the vicinity. The next day, Tomoe came to apologize to Madam Manager in front of the guests for attacking them but it seems like they enjoyed it and would like a rematch when they return.

In the end, Tomoe keeps her job and have gained two followers as well. After seeing how she excels in adaptivity and reliability, both Ohana and Nako admires her now as an older sister. The end.

Next Episode:

Could I call you big sister from now on?


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