Saturday, May 21, 2011

Final Fantasy X: Al Bhed Primer Locations (1)

Al Bhed is a race in Spira known for their distinct appearance of having blonde hair and spiral green eyes which they usually hide by wearing a pair of goggles. They also speak their own language in which you need to collect books named Al Bhed Primers to able to understand. Here's a list of Al Bhed Primer locations: ­­

   Al Bhed Primer I 

Al Bhed Salvage Ship
This one is easy to find but at this point of the game, Rin has yet to introduce the Al Bhed Primers to you so this could slip right through you. If you missed it though, you can still get it much later in the game at Bikanel Island.

   Al Bhed Primer II

Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge
You can find it easy but you haven't been informed about collecting these Primers yet so you might not take notice of it.

   Al Bhed Primer III

S.S. Liki - Engine Room
You can barely see it at the lower right corner of the room and could easily be missed because of its position. If you're in the Engine Room and you can't find the Primer then you're probably in the wrong ship and have missed it. Don't worry as it's still obtainable much later in the game at Bikanel Island.

   Al Bhed Primer IV

Kilika - Tavern
It's right there in plain view, you can't probably miss this.

   Al Bhed Primer V

S.S. Winno - Bridge
You should go into the Bridge first to get this before you trigger the cutscenes on the deck or you'll have to wait much later in the game until you can ride the ship again to get it.

   Al Bhed Primer VI

Luca Stadium - Basement B
When you enter this room during the time when Yuna invited you to meet Sir Auron, this room will be crowded with people and you'll see the Primer just beside the right foot of a Kilika Beast player. This place will be empty once the Blitz Ball tournament is over so you can see the Primer in plain view.

   Al Bhed Primer VII

Luca Theater - Reception
It's just there, down the steps. You can't miss it.

   Al Bhed Primer VIII

Mi'ihen Highroad - Agency
You'll automatically get this after a little talk with Rin, the shop's owner. This is the scene where he introduces the Al Bhed Primers and encourages you to learn their language.

   Al Bhed Primer IX

Mi'ihen Highroad - Newroad, North
This Primer can be easily missed if you were riding a chocobo since the camera would be shaking a lot and could slip through your sight. Don't worry though since you can just get back and pick it up anytime.

   Al Bhed Primer X

Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice
You can't just jump from the edge to get there, so you must look for a way and go around it.


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