Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Fantasy X: Al Bhed Primer Locations (2)

There are 26 Al Bhed Primers in all of Spira, each book represents a letter of the english alphabet. Here's the next batch of locations where you can find them: ­­

   Al Bhed Primer XI

Djose Highroad
This one is behind a stone pillar or some kind of stalagmite. You can't normally see this unless you get to a good angle so it could easily slip through you. Don't worry though as you can just come back and get it anytime.

   Al Bhed Primer XII

Moonflow - North Wharf
Even though this one is pretty far away and looks tiny, the fact that it looks different when compared to the pre-rendered background makes it very obvious.

   Al Bhed Primer XIII

Guadosalam - House
There are two houses in Guadosalam. This house is the one on the far left, not the one on the far right. This one is almost hidden behind a tree-shelf thing but is still in plain view.

   Al Bhed Primer XIV

Thunder Plains - Agency
When Rin asks you about how your study of Al Bhed is going, just tell him that it's okay and he will give it to you for free.

   Al Bhed Primer XV

Macalania Woods - Lake Road
Turn right at the intersection then tap the action button until you find it. It is behind some crystallized plant and is quite hard to notice.

   Al Bhed Primer XVI

Lake Macalania - Agency Front
This is kinda hard NOT to miss considering that it is the only thing with color on the white snow.

   Al Bhed Primer XVII

Sanubia Desert - Central
This is located on the western part of the central desert where you can see ruins of old buildings buried in sand.

   Al Bhed Primer XVIII

Sanubia Desert - Central
This is located on the eastern part of the central desert. It is almost at the exit where you can see a sign nearby.

   Al Bhed Primer XIX

This is located on the left wall of the first screen in Al Bhed Home. You MUST pick this up the first time you get here or it will be GONE FOREVER.

   Al Bhed Primer XX

Home - Living Quarters
This is room is located near the southern exit of the Home - Main Corridor where you came in, check the left wall to find a door. You MUST pick this up the first time you get here or it will be GONE FOREVER.


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