Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Fantasy X: Al Bhed Primer Locations (3)

Now you got twenty of those books and could probably understand most Al Bhed sentences already but that's not enough, we need to get all the books in order to master the language. Here's the last batch of Al Bhed Primer locations: ­­

   Al Bhed Primer XXI

Home - Main Corridor
This is located at the upper right corner of this corridor just beside a door. You MUST pick this up the first time you get here or it will be GONE FOREVER.

   Al Bhed Primer XXII

Bevelle Temple - Priests' Passage
It is in the same screen as the Save Sphere. You MUST pick this up the first time you get here or it will be GONE FOREVER.

   Al Bhed Primer XXIII

The Calm Lands - Central
This one is located at the upper left corner of the map. You don't really need a chocobo to get here but you'll need it for the next one.

   Al Bhed Primer XXIV

Remiem Temple
Get yourself a chocobo and go to the lower right corner of the Calm Lands then jump over what seems to be a broken bridge and towards the passageway to the right and you'll arrive at the temple.

   Al Bhed Primer XXV

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
After the Calm Lands - Central, if you head straight and cross the bridge, you'll arrive at Mt. Gagazet but if you turn right and go down the slope, you'll arrive at this cavern. It is located at the left of the Save Sphere.

   Al Bhed Primer XXVI

Omega Ruins
You need the airship, Fahrenheit, to get this. You must use the Search function and enter the coordinates 70x and 34y. Once inside you can find it near a set of four treasure chests.

That's it! That's all the Al Bhed Primers. Congratulations! Now you must go to the airship and talk to Rin to receive your prize of 99x Underdog Secrets. You could also search for Al Bhed inscriptions all over Spira and find clues for Rikku's Celestial Weapon.


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