Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final Fantasy X: Jecht Sphere Locations

When you reach Macalania Woods, Auron introduces Jecht Sphere, a Movie Sphere with Auron, Braska and Jecht's recorded memories from 10 years ago when they traveled throughout Spira on their pilgrimage to defeat Sin. These spheres not only show you bits of memories from the past but they also unlock Overdrives for Auron. Here's a list of where they are located: ­­

   Jecht Sphere 1

Macalania Woods - Spring
You get this automatically through story progression. After defeating Spherimorph, Auron introduces the Jecht Sphere and it will start showing up all over Spira.

   Jecht Sphere 2

Macalania Woods - South
Just go back a few screens from the last one and you'll find this one easy.

   Jecht Sphere 3

Thunder Plains - South
You'll find this lying near a lightning rod on the right wall of the map.

   Jecht Sphere 4

Moonflow - South Warf
You can find this on the floor on the right side of the screen.

   Jecht Sphere 5

Mi'ihen Highroad - Old Road, South
From Highroad - North, take the route to the right and just follow the path until you pass a Save Sphere and reach a dead end. You'll find it beside a treasure chest.

   Jecht Sphere 6

Luca Stadium - Basement A
Just outside the Besaid Auroch's locker room. You can't miss it!

   Jecht Sphere 7

S.S. Liki - Bridge
From Kilika Port, take the ship to Besaid then enter the captain's bridge and you'll find this sphere lying on the floor.

   Jecht Sphere 8

Besaid Village
After boarding the S.S. Liki you'll arrive at Besaid, head straight to the village. It is found on the right side of the map just outside the temple. For International or PAL versions, you may have to beat Dark Valefor first.

   Auron Sphere

Mushroom Rock - Precipice
Located where you spoke with Luzzu and Gatta the first time you got here, it's just beyond the Save Sphere. Technically not a Jecht Sphere but still counts towards Auron's Overdrive.

   Braska Sphere

Mt. Gagazet - Mountain Trail
This one isn't too hard to find. You probably got this the first time you go through Mt. Gagazet. Like the one above, this is technically not a Jecht Sphere but still counts towards Auron's Overdrive.

That's it! You should have collected all the spheres. Now you have access to all of Auron's Overdrive moves, congratulations!


GADAFINY said...

This game was good, but my favorite is FF VII, I would love a remake on the PS3.

Anonymous said...

This game was far beyond "goodness" I would say:). Nothing beats this game despite other RPGs being very impressive. As far as Auron's Overdrive "Tornado" is concerned - that was as unique as Tidus' Blitz Ace. Finding all Jecht Spheres was very hard.

clarko said...


Unknown said...

Ita easy as hell the hardest part of the game , is beating some dark aeons without zanmato

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