Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: All-Girls Competition in the Beehive (Ep.5)

I can't say much about this show except it gets crazier and crazier each passing episode. They fought some kind of bee monster who calls himself the Beehive Priest and happens to be a gentleman that could command bees into sucking everyone's brains out, including Enma. But since the enemy is a brave gentleman himself, he did no harm to the women and just challenged them with some sort of penalty game in which the girls' won in the end. ­­

Since Enma is made brainless by the bees and is incompetent in this episode, the show made many parodies of the title by using different characters. Here they are:

Bububun Beehive Priest Chiiku Chiku
Syururun Princess Yukiko Buuru Buru
Orooro Harumi-chan Daame Dame
Dororon Enpi-chan Raabu Rabu
And of course, the show would not be complete without some heavy fanservice from our beloved Princess Yukiko. You can always click the image to see it in full view if the thumbnail is not big enough. This show seems to always deliver the goods!

I didn't say much in this post but I believe that the screen shots alone are more than enough to describe how crazy this episode is. Of course, there are more crazy things that happened in this episode, but I dare not post anything about it.

Next Episode:
6th Flame: Roly-poly Surprises

See you next time!


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