Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guilty Crown: Exodus (Ep.17)

After a few days of preparation, Shu finally decides to attack the enemy's base of operation and free them all from this apocalyptic nightmare. But something has been happening behind his back, which may cause an uproar against his Void Kingdom. Will his comrades stay by his side or will he meet a tragic end?  

Can you spot the difference? That's what QUALITY is all about.
The Red Line is closing in on them and they'll all be crushed soon unless they take the initiative and fight. The people are starting to get scared of the situation so Shu had a brilliant idea on how to ease their fear, by acting like a total dick and making them extremely mad at him. With all the hate concentrated at him, the students seem to have forgotten what fear is about and started acting like bulls staring at a guy wearing a red shirt. Yeah, the amount of butthurt and madness in this show is spectacular.

This is Arisa, remember her name. It is important.
Now, this girl is still scared because of what Inori tried to do to her. I barely remembered what happened there because I was too busy having a boner when I heard Inori's (or in this case, Mana's) psychopathic voice. Oh god! Psychopathic girls with split personalities are the best! Inori woke up before she could kill the wench though, talk about bad timing.

Wait what!? That traitorous whore!!!
With this whore still alive, she received a call from a mysterious (No really, it's pretty obvious who called) caller. One of Shu's Elite Four, the guy with the ugliest glasses in the world, caught her. But the whore tried to seduced the pervert with her body and had sex with him to make him stay quiet. I hope they both get Apocalypse AIDS.

I really hope this bitch gets the most painful death possible.
With one of the Elite Four by her side, she tried to plan a rebellion of all sorts and spread bad rumors about the King's reign. The rumors were actually true but that wasn't Shu's doing, it was Yahiro's fault. Yahiro, Shu's right-hand man, saw the rumors and confronted her about spreading lies. She tells him that Shu tried to assassinate her by sending Inori, then he was like "NO WAI!".

Is she really a monster, or an angel with bloodstained wings?
Inori confesses to Shu that it was her who tried to kill Arisa. The blond girl was doing something that could potentially harm Shu, so she snapped and lost control. All she wanted was to protect him but she caused harm instead because she's a monster. If this pure maiden is a monster, then everyone else is worst than the devil himself. Yahiro arrives to inform Shu about Inori's crime, but Shu doesn't care because he's loyal to his lovely waifu.

I bet she sold her body to get all those weapons.
While Shu is busy preparing his army for the biggest fight of their lives, Arisa is also busy preparing the same army for the biggest rebellion of their lives. At first, she appeared with her shield void to ensure that they will be protected, but when the battle started she suddenly disappeared. With her out of the picture, soldiers in the frontline died like dominoes. How do you expect students to fight off giant robots without any kind of protection?

The enemy's heavily guarded fortress. Tokyo Tower.
Shu takes the frontline, destroys a line of enemy units and headed directly to the tower. He uses Batman's grappling-hook-gun-thing to escape the hordes of humanoid tanks and climb the tower directly (Wow! That was easy). He then charges his weapon directly to the central structure of the tower, releasing a million volts of electricity like a motherfuckin' Pikachu on steroids. The tower got fried and collapses. Yay! Freedom at last!

Sephiroth!? Oh, wait... It's just Gai version 2.
The mission was a great success and the majority of the people have managed to escape the quarantined area. Shu finally declares that everything's over but his trusted allies and comrades took arms to screw him over. What a bunch of dicks!! He gave them freedom as promised, then then pay him back by backstabbing him!? I don't care what kind of plot device they come up with, just kill those traitorous bastards, now!!!

I hope that arm doesn't become a plot device for the sequel.
Gai's clone appears to take over as the new ruler of Shu's Void Kingdom. He then proceeded to meet Shu, slashed off his arm, then absorb the Void Genome and steal his powers. Those bastards at GHQ cloned his best friend just so they can screw him over twice!? So now, he have no friends, no allies, no kingdom, no powers, and worst of all, he can no longer fap with his right hand. Fuck!

Heaven's Feel route confirmed!
Meanwhile, in the other parts of the world. The UN had a meeting whether or not Japan should be erased out of existence. Of course, almost everyone agreed considering how the Apocalypse Virus outbreak is spreading in that place. How are they going to survive this?

Next Episode:
Phase 18: Dear...

Japan should be nuked. UN agreed. Don't bother them about it.


Fang said...

I really should get 'round to watching Guilty Crown sometime.
Also, what's with the quality thing? There's just screen content missing is what!

Dreadnaught said...

I have been seeing this name around in my search of anime to watch. It looks good, and considering I just got done with several series ill go watch this.

Im hesitant though, I have a thing for not watching an anime that isnt done lol..

Oh well.

DWei said...

He can learn to fap with his left arm, it's all good.

convictus said...

this one was short by comparison to all the previous ones. Must not have been much plot this go round eh?

Bersercules said...

I hope they both get Apocalypse AIDS too!

Ass for acting like an ass to make the people not worry, I say: Wha?? That is butthurt!!!

Do I need to remember her name is Arisa? cause I think the name Cleavage Girl suits her better!

The arm as a plot device for a sequel? Like what? the hand comes to life and gets a job in a bar pouring drinks and living with two girl roommates?

I can't wait to find out what the UN does about Japan!

Anonymous said...

I don't want her to die, she's hot.

[AguiLeons] said...

ready for war :) nice share

Anne said...

I thought I'd caught this post on the first day you published it. I do wish you would post more often though. I know these are a lot of work, but the artwork so so good and your captions are so funny, it's great.

Gryt said...

How will they survive? Well obviously they need to go live with the mole people.

Baur said...

Looks pretty good!

Anonymous said...

This episode is good.

Shockgrubz said...

This episode did have me on my seat's edge. Cool to know how you felt while watching this one.

Shaw said...

wow, that's violent

Bart said...

yeah i know, i watch alotta anime. but just like that generic popular stuff. really have no clue what most of the stuff u post is from though

Adam said...

arisa looks nice

SUCEN said...

I like anime I want anime

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look too bad.

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