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Guilty Crown: The Tyrant (Ep.16)

After Hare's death, Shu became a tyrant king and enforced his ideals to the student body. The ranking system is now in effect and everyone with the lowest rank is no longer treated as humans but mere slaves. Is this transformation a result of Shu's wrath or a mere cover up for his own weaknesses?  

Every student wears this armband as a symbol of loyalty.
Shu became a ruthless ruler overnight and anyone who disobeys him will be dealt with lethal force. He implemented the ranking system to discriminate between the students and they are treated based on their genome resonance level, a unit of measurement on how capable an individual is at using voids.

The F-ranks are forced to work in harsh environments.
Students with the highest genome resonance are Rank S. They act as Shu's secret service and are treated highly by the others. Student with the lowest genome resonance are Rank F. They are treated like trash and are forced to do labor like retrieve vaccines from submerged supply ships underwater. They are only given vaccines before the crystallized cancer reaches Level 2.

A new character is introduced. Want to guess what happens to her in the end?
Rebels who stole some vaccines were destroyed to the ground with the only exception of the girl above, due to Argo's interference. Because of her high genome resonance level, she was allowed to join the ranks under Shu's command. This girl is introduced so suddenly, with great potential even. I smell something fishy going on in here!

This is Rank A girl. Remember her because it's important.
Argo meets Shu once again but he's pissed at what Shu has become. They visited the Rank F camp to check on their situation and make sure they are doing their job properly. One of the air pumps malfunctions while Souta was underwater but Shu didn't want to waste supplies to save a Rank F, so he just let him to drown. Argo disobeys and tried to save the guy with some extra pump, but Shu stopped him and sent him to prison.

Oh, hey! It's the guy with the darkness flashlight. Argo.
While Argo was in jail, the goddess of skin-tight outfit sent an insect robot to explain the situation and about Hare's death that changed Shu for the worst. Argo was secretly sent here to rescue the former-President of the Student Council, Arisa, but Shu refuses because her void is valuable as fuck. After that... blah blah blah I want to see Tsugumi's ass!!!

Knights of the hexagon table, assemble!!
Ayase tried to comfort Shu and correct him before the anger bunnies get to his brain, but he just shrugged her off like a ruthless bastard, so she slapped him on the face. He felt kinda relieved though, that nobody saw it. Because if someone did, then he'll have to punish her in front of the masses to set an example as well.

I kinda miss seeing this girl in her extra tight suit.
I'll stop talking about the plot and start talking about something else for the moment. The girl skinning the potatoes above has the best ass in the show and wears the tightest suit known to man. It's been 5 episodes since she last wore that suit and I'm starting to miss it. I know that she's in a maid outfit right now, but it's still not enough. I want my plug suits! NAO!!

Kanon is remembering the past before this mess even started.
Back on topic: Kanon reads some rumors about Hare's death and thinks that her death might have been cause by her void's destruction. That damned Yahiro denied that information despite knowing that it's true, this guy is definitely plotting something!! 

Now you know what Hitler feels when he tried to save the world.
Shu only shows his true face in front of Inori and reveals that he's only posing as a ruthless tyrant to get everyone to cooperate and ensure everybody's survival. He's still pretty weak and kind inside, it pains him to watch the people suffer but it's the only choice he have to stop the chaos and bring order to the school.

But is that really Inori though? Because she sounds like the evil Mana to me!
Shu confesses to Inori that she's the only one he needs in this world. That even if the world hates him, as long as she's with him, he'll continue to fight. Right then, Inori starts talking differently and way out of character. Her speech pattern resembles Shu's older sister which kinda surprised him a little. Well, Inori is a clone of his older sister, so it can't be helped. Incest wagon coming through!

Disabled girl all tied-up!? This could become my new fetish.
Argo escapes from his cell to meet with Arisa and escape with her but he has been seen, which alerted the whole school. Ayase wanted to move out and help a former comrade but Tsugumi tied her all up to prevent her from being captured by the Fuhrer's army.

Fuhrer my ass! This wimp isn't worthy of worship!!
Shu along with the Rank A girl from earlier faces Argo, but he got his ass handed to him instead. Fuckin' Shu can't fight at all despite having an all powerful void. Argo just deflected his attack with his ordinary dagger and punched the Fuhrer to the ground like a vegetable. Yahiro arrives to cause some bullshit and then...

Then again... He might be worthy of worship afterall.
The deflected boomerang void grazed the roof and which caused some metal bars to fall at them. Shu tried to save the Rank A girl with him but her void got destroyed, so she crystallized and disappeared. Because of this, Shu now realizes what really killed Hare and what caused her to crystallize like that.

Oh, wow! Inori is starting to become Mana!!
In the mean time, Inori in Mana-mode is chasing Arisa to stop her from revealing the side effects of using the void, then blood suddenly came out of nowhere. I really wish they bring Mana back because that incestuous girl is the only worthy girl in this show right now. 

Fuck! They cloned someone again!?
Fuckin' doctors and scientists using their cloning technology to troll people. Why not just clone the main character for maximum troll factor?  The next episode has already aired last night so I'm a week late because I'm busy with another project and it's taking a lot more time than I expected. Hopefully I finish it soon so I can write about the next episode.

Next Episode:
Phase 17: Exodus

I wonder who this person is?


Shaw said...

Tying up disabled girls isn't cool...

Lord Phrozen said...

True, but it looks pretty hot though.

Anne said...

I love your captions under the pictures!! "Fuck, they cloned someone again?" Briliant. And your response to Shaw just now, slayed me.

convictus said...

These reviews must take so long to write. It's impressive really.

Adam said...

maid uniform is a good trade though

Anonymous said...

More extra tight suit!

Anonymous said...

That is my fetish already.

Bersercules said...

Best line ever!: After that... blah blah blah I want to see Tsugumi's ass!!!

I agree! I too wanna see her butt too!

And I've never been more sad to see a girl dressed as a maid then now! I wish she was in a skin tight suit!!

Can't wait to see what happens with Rank A girl- oh she dies... that was lame! Introducing a character to just kill her off!

Baur said...

looks awesome!!!

DWei said...

Wow, way to kick them when they're down. They can't use their legs, why not just disable them further? :P

natchu96 said...

Resurrected clone guy is a lot different than what you remember him as in the next episode, that's for sure. And I believe he was wearing that necklace the last few times he was shirtless . . .

Just hinting for the people who haven't watched the next episode yet.

Bart said...

what is this? does it compare to cowboy bebop and gijoe?

Dreadnaught said...

Im been adding anime from this site to my list of things to watch, and the uh..tied up disabled girl pushed this to the top hehehe...

AHEM anyway..

I nominated you the Liebster Blog Award :) go to the link below to find out more and how to accept your reward

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