Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guilty Crown: Sacrifice (Ep.15)

After becoming the leader of the whole school, Shu is given an option whether or not to discriminate between the students and rank them based on their void's potential. He tries to avoid the subject but with the vaccine running low, does he really have a choice?  

Oh god! This is the only part that made me happy.
Remember when I used to review this show every week? Well, I stopped doing that because the show is getting shittier and shittier as the quality of the story hits below zero. Well, guess what? Shit just got real, so you'll have to excuse me as I let loose my pent-up rage about this show.

This guy really means business!
The guy above is Yahiro. He's probably the only person in this show that thinks logically, now that Gai is gone. Since vaccines for the Apocalypse Virus are running low, he proposed a plan to the leader, Shu, that they need to discriminate between the students and give priority to the people with useful abilities. But this means that lower ranks will have no access to the vaccine, so Shu didn't approve of it because he's a Goody Two-Shoes.

This is Souta. Remember his name because it's important.
One of the students somehow got a hold of the list and found themselves to be at the lowest rank. So to prove to the rest of the world that they are not worthless, they've all decided to head to the danger zone. By the way, their voids are as follows: a can-opener, a water jug, a comb, and a spoon. Their powers are pretty useless I must say, so how are they supposed to fight giant robots with those?

Hare, the best girl shows up to cheer us all up.
Meanwhile, the leader is having a tough time deciding. He doesn't want to abandon the lower ranks but there's still not enough vaccine to save everybody inside the campus. His childhood friend and long-time admirer comes to cheer him up and tell him that his kindness is what she liked about him the most. Their intimate time together was disrupted by a call from Kanon saying that the F-Ranks have moved out to the danger zone.

Damn! I'd let her cheer me up if you know what I mean.
Shu arrives at the scene with Hare to stop the F-Ranks from killing themselves but they refused and acted like tough guys who can do anything. The enemy spotted them and started firing. Wanna guess what the F-Ranks do? Run, shout and panic. Yep, this is why they are F-Ranks. They are just trash trying to act like gods but in the end they're just trash anyway. Shu orders them to hide while he takes their attention and act as decoy.

See that Endlave? It's ready to move out anytime.
Souta, the acting-leader of the F-Ranks decided to ignore the orders to hide and dragged Hare out to the open road to fix a broken car, so they can escape. Hare's powers are magical bandages that can fix any injury, be it a mortal wound or mechanical damage. I guess it never triggered in his F-Ranked brain that the enemy is watching the road. The enemy fires and the car explodes. Shu comes to Hare's rescue and they were both caught in the explosion.

See the pilot? He's just waiting for you to make a move.
The lady on the first picture below is a cripple. It means that both her legs doesn't work and she needs a wheelchair to move around. She can't run, she can't stand, she can't walk. Heck, she can't even climb the stairs with those wheels because it just doesn't work that way. So what did she do when the enemy attacks? She picked up a rocket launcher that she carried along with her and took down a goddamn chopper.

The difference between Badass and Candy-ass.
Meanwhile, this pathetic F-Rank loser who's trying to act tough is now trembling in a corner, covering his ears from the explosion, and wetting his pants. I thought he came here to prove himself? Why isn't he doing anything but cower in fear? Way to prove yourself, Souta!

See the the huge smoke up there? That's where she fell from.
Hare gains consciousness a bit later, only to see Shu's dying corpse in front of her. He shielded her from the blast and took the full force of the explosion. Despite heavily bleeding herself, she decided to fix him first because he's the most important person to her and she's unsure how long her powers will last.

The death of our brave leader.
While she's fixing Shu's injuries, an enemy chopper spotted her and gunned her down. At first she was worried about Shu's condition but after seeing that she managed to heal all his wounds, she was relieved. Since her body have become weak, she got inflected by the Apocalypse Virus and crystals started growing out of her skin. She then tries to crawl her way to Shu's place, wanting to touch her beloved's hand just one last time but died just before reaching him.

Whoa! That's just over the line there!!!
WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!!? She was blown away by the explosion, fell from a height of three storeys, gunned down by choppers, and then infected by the Apocalypse Virus. Just what the hell did she do to deserve this kind of tragedy? They didn't even grant her last wish of reaching Shu's hand because she died just an inch away from him! If that F-Rank Souta doesn't get punished for this sin then I'm gonna rage like a thousand suns.

Only the dead can know peace from this evil.
Shu wakes up to see Hare's mutilated corpse just beside him and went completely insane from the experience. A few moments later, he shows up in front of Inori and forced her void to appear. He went completely berserk and annihilated the enemy troops without any ounce of mercy.

Just look at that empty look on his face.
After the battle, he meets with the others who were hiding. Souta appears and apologizes for causing such trouble but Shu went batshit insane on him and punches him to the ground. He then announces to the rest that what he believed in was a mistake, that kindness is pointless. He swore to separate the good from the trash and become the King himself.

Heil, mein Fuhrer! All hail King Shu!!!
It's good to see that Shu is no longer a wuss and have become a ruthless Fuhrer. But why Hare? It's like Shirley from Code Geass all over again!! I just hope that Ayase doesn't get the same fate as her. The next episode airs tomorrow. I can't wait for the upcoming shitstorm.

Next Episode:
Phase 16: The Tyrant

Good night, sweet princess. We're gonna miss you.


natchu96 said...

It's technically not a can opener. It's a camera that can open things up when you hit the button. With Souta being F-rank and all, he really can't do much more than open trivial things like cans and maybe doors. Shu can bust through security systems in full-size major military facilities without a second thought when he uses it himself. It theoretically can open up anything. It's just that the guy is trash.

Lord Phrozen said...

I know about his camera void but it's usefulness is only limited to complex locks like the labyrinth room. Doors, gates and walls can be easily cut open with Inori's sword since it can cut virtually anything like butter, so he doesn't really need this guy. I wonder what happens if he fuses Souta's camera with Inori's sword though, maybe we'll get something spectacular like the last time.

Anne said...

This one I haven't seen. When a show gets to the point where they're practically phoning it in, they should just call it a day and find a graceful way to end the series.

Bersercules said...

I hate when a goody good charater doesn't use logic to solve problems! If you have a limited supply then you should pick and choose who you use it on!

The girl in the wheel chair with a bazooka looks cool! But the "over kill" on killing her is just silly!

convictus said...

Never heard of this one. Very detailed summary. Saved me from having to watch it.

Fang said...

Some of your comments man, haha oh boy! 8D

Baur said...

Awesome one I liked this

Shaw said...

Wow, didn't know this show got so dark.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen this show, though your remark about it sort of dissuaded me.

Anonymous said...

Robots and hot girls, I like it!

Kingmush said...

Looks like an awesome show!

Baur said...

Love the graphics in this

Anonymous said...

The fifth photo is hawt!

Bart said...

chick + bazooka + wheelchair = so fucking badass

Adam said...

she could cheer me up too

Mochileiro said...

"Oh god! This is the only part that made me happy."
Meeeeeeeee too hahahah

DWei said...

He would have served better as a meat shield. Honestly, wow, F is a touch too generous. :|

AguiLeons [2peeeps] said...

nice one dude

Sydney Salvador said...
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