Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fang's Eleven Impossible Task

A friend of mine and one of my brave followers, Fang, forced upon me this impossible task which I originally didn't intend to answer but kinda felt obliged to do anyway, since avoiding it would be like admitting defeat. So here's eleven things you need to know about me.  

The Rules:

Screw the rules! I have money!!!

Eleven Things About Me:
  1. I hate vegetables.
    I just can't stand eating them. So when there's only vegetable at the dining table, I usually skip dinner. I don't really hate all vegetables, there are some exceptions but I still hate most of them.

  2. I eat beansprouts.
    This is one of the few exceptions from the rule above. I don't really like beansprouts until after I watched the 7th episode of THE iDOLM@STER when Yayoi cooks some beansprouts for her family.

  3. I love Yayoi Takatsuki.
    Oh god! She's so adorable, cheerful and energetic. I even made another Facebook account for her so just I could announce to my friends that I'm on a relationship with her. She's mai waifu.

  4. I usually play as a female character.
    I'm sick and tired of all those videogames that forces me to play as a guy, so I always play as a girl when I get the chance. I usually name my character "Celsius" based on my favorite character from the Tales of Eternia.

  5. I watch anime but I don't buy them
    Despite loving anime so much, most of the shows I watch are downloaded from the internet. It's not like I don't want to buy them but more like I can't, since there's no local stores that carry them. If only there's an anime shop like the video below, then my room would probably be full of DVDs. One of the anime series that I have legally bought is the complete set of To Heart 1st season, since it was one of the anime titles that got licensed in my country.

  6. I love to read manga
    I don't buy anime, but I do buy manga because my local comics store carry them. The series I'm following right now are "Fate/Stay Night" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project". I know that both series have been milked to death already but I still follow them for some reason.

  7. I collect anime figures
    I mostly only buy Figma action figures but I have some cast-off (read: removable clothes) figures and some decent statues as well, but they're mostly from the Fate or Touhou series.

  8. I still play children's card games
    This is something I really enjoy playing, Yu-Gi-Oh! I don't play them as much as back when I'm still studying but I still love to play them from time to time. I usually only play this nowadays through video games for the PSP like "Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 5" since my deck is outdated and would most likely lose. In case you want to know, I have a Zombie Deck and a Spellcaster Deck in real life.

  9. I prefer to play with my keyboard
    When playing versus games on the PC, most people would prefer using an arcade stick or a gamepad, but I'm mostly comfortable with just my keyboard. I just can't do aerial combos like the one on the video below with a controller, I always mess up. But it's a piece of cake to do with a keyboard though.

  10. I name my internal and external drives.
    Kinda like Fang, I name the digital storage devices I have. But I'm a bit more hardcore than him on that regard since I've been doing it since the PSX age. I named each of my memorycards back then and put on stickers of anime characters so I can differentiate them. That little hobby kinda sticked around and I've been doing it ever since.

  11. I love looking at pictures so I post them a lot
    I really love reading but reading tons of texts without any pictures tend to bore me a lot. I dropped a lot of good books because of this (I'm looking at you, Fate/Zero!). This is why I tend to post a lot of images everytime I post, so other people who thinks like me will somehow enjoy what I write.

Eleven Question by Fang:
  1. How was your day? Anything exciting happened?
    Nothing happened and it started as another boring day. While I was looking for pictures to insert in this post, I ended up browsing the web for hours instead. While searching for videos to embed in this post, I ended up watching YouTube videos for hours instead. While searching for screenshots to insert in this post, I ended up watching different anime shows instead. Now it's been more that 18 hours since I started writing this post, what the hell happened to my time?!

  2. Ever done anything that falls waaay outside of the social norms of your gender/age group? ie watched My Little Pony and enjoyed it or something?
    I collect statues of women, play children's card games and I have a waifu. No matter how I look at it, I'm waaaay outside the norms.

  3. If you were to classify yourself into a certain social group/style (ie gothic, emo, stoner, etc) which one would you place yourself in?
    I prefer to be called a NEET but I guess everyone will just call me a basement-dweller. I don't really live in the basement as my room is at the 2nd floor, but I believe that I could be classified as such. I still hate that term though.

  4. Favourite Sesame Street character?
    I actually hate Sesame Street. The only time I watched it was when Jack Black came in to make it awesome and introduced the glorious shape, octagon. So my answer to this question is definitely Jack Black. He's awesome by the way.

  5. Seek out a popular YouTube video, check the comments. What are your thoughts on those people?
    I usually read a lot of bad, stupid and retarded comments on YouTube, but the comments from that octagon video are kinda decent. Some of them are even funny. The full moon must be out tonight since this kind of thing doesn't happen that often.

  6. Do you have any neurotic/OCD tendencies?
    When I notice a moving object on my field of vision while watching something, I can't help but notice it so I end up removing the said distraction so I could watch the show at peace. It could be anything like an insect, a piece of paper being blown by the wind or dirt at the edge of my screen. It just irritates me a lot.

  7. What's the meaning of life?
    Life is simply the absence of death. This is the reason why you have to do everything you want to do before death arrives. Because when death comes to get you, there's no escaping it. Kinda like Final Destination or something.

  8. Do you collect something?
    Yes, a lot actually and I've mentioned most of them above. What I haven't mentioned yet though is that I also collect pictures of anime characters that are shooped to being brown. Little brown girls are the best!

  9. Ultimate fantasy?
    I'm inside a room full of 2D girls, then all of a sudden exposed armpits. ARMPITS EVERYWHERE!!! I turned my back and I see dolls. DOLL-JOINTS EVERYWHERE!!!

  10. Weirdest dream?
    I was inside the bathroom taking a bath, while a giant cieling fan inside the bathroom suddenly turns on. I never thought about turning it off. Instead, I continue taking a shower and feel the cold air blowing directly at me. Then I woke up and I was like "Whoa!"

  11. Have you enjoyed this "11 Questions" thing?
    Definitely maybe. I enjoyed the first part where I brag about myself but answering your question was a lot harder than I expected and forced me to actually use my brain. Now that I've completed this task and reread the complete post before publishing, I noticed that perhaps I've shared a bit too much about myself. Oh well, I'm dead anyway.


Now that the task is over, I'm gonna skip tagging people since I don't have enough people to tag in the first place. I also need to break the ritual cycle and stop this kind of madness right now. I can't believe it took me a whole day to finish this post. I'm feeling sleepy now, good night everyone.


convictus said...

looks like a trip right there.

Shaw said...

Brown Holo? Not sure if want...

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Nice getting to know you a little better! The fact that you name all of your drives is so endearing.

Electric Addict said...

I usually play as a female as well :) I recognize that last picture from High School of the Dead. gotta love that ecci lol

Anne said...

You did a great job with these. I've seen quite a few of these recently and no one went to this much trouble. Kudos to you! I'd love to collect the figures, but the price is so high. I always play as a guy. I've never once played a vid game as a female!! Your love of pictures and anime shows on your blog. It's so colorful and fun to visit because of this.

Anne said...

I hope it's okay with you if I put you on my blogroll. I love your blog and I don't want to miss out on your posts!!

DWei said...

You broke the cycle whereas I just lessened its affects.

You are a better blogger than I.

R.gers said...

Great post, you're an incredible anime fan. Me jelly :<

R said...

Great post man!

Bart said...

looks cool in a weird way

Fang said...

Horo! <3
Oh dude, the Facebook thing. You sicko you ;D
So many harddrives man, and so many cute icons! Where did you get those?
Also I'm totally fine with you collecting shoops of anime women, but it's just fucken stupid to shoop Horo. She's perfect as is, why change her?
And you've got a thing for armpits? Yeah, you're a true Touhou fan.
(Also I forgot to hit the Publish button for this comment, so here we are, 9 hours later.)

My 2 Pesos said...

I hate Sesame Street too. :)

Lord Phrozen said...

A brown Holo is fine too...

It would be a great honor to be added to your blog roll, my lady.

Either that or I'm just lazy.

I made the icons myself with ripped images from Touhou flash videos. Also, I think you're just being tsundere for brown Holo.

Interwebs Fails said...

"most of the shows I watch are downloaded from the internet"
That's my style. ;)

Baur said...

That character with the tail is pretty neat!

Bersercules said...

I like the fact that you name your computer drives! Great answers! I feel like I know you so much better now!

(glad to see you stopped the vicious cycle of the tagging!)

Mochileiro said...

wow, no chances for me...

Dylanthulhu said...

This looks like fun, lol. I hear ya about not buying anime, holy hell it's expensive.

Lestiina said...

your cool man! hahaha
I play as female too, its better than male xD
your drives are great too, is that an icon pack? can you share it too :3

Anonymous said...

hey can you upload those awesome icons for your external drives and tut for how to change the icons?

Nanashi said...

Quick one, ever played Fire Emblem Awakening?
That is the sole reason I cannot play a girl in video games. I cannot get over being called 'Mother' by Lucina. Waifu>Daughteru

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