Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Xenosaga Episode I: Xenocard Shion Deck

Xenocard is the best minigame present in Xenosaga Episode I as it involves a lot of strategy and a bit of luck. Anyway, here's the winning deck that I use: ­­

Card List
  • 3x Lv 1 Shion
  • 2x Lv 1 KOS-MOS
  • 2x Lv 10 Shion
  • 3x U-TIC Soldier
  • 3x Realian Male
  • 3x Realian Female
  • 3x 100 Series
  • 3x Combat Realian M
  • 3x Combat Realian F
  • 1x Simeon
  • 2x VX-10000
  • 2x Matthews
  • 3x Miyuki's Email
  • 2x Mary & Shelley
  • 2x Investigation
  • 3x Waste Money
Deck Construction
  • Lv 1 Shion
    • When this card destroys another card on your opponent's side of the field, you can select 1 Lv 10 Shion from your deck and add it to your hand. 
    • This deck mostly revolves around this card, so consider summoning this as a top priority during your first turn.
  • Lv 1 KOS-MOS
    • This card is quite hard to summon due to her field requirements but all of those are negated if Shion is on your side of the field.
  • Lv 10 Shion
    • Offer Lv 1 Shion on your side of the field to summon this directly to your battlefield without fulfilling the requirement and paying the cost.
  • U-TIC Soldier
    • This card have an ATK of 2 for something you can summon immediately.
  • All-Purpose Realian Male
    • When this card is summoned, draw 1 card during your Adjust Phase. 
    • The purpose of this card is to act as meat shields for Shion and your Deck, thus preventing your enemy from inflicting direct damage to you.
  • All-Purpose Realian Female
    • Same as above.
  • Mass Produced 100 Series Realian
    • Meat shield and a decent close-ranged attacker.
  • Combat Realian Male
    •  This is a great card to draw during your first turn along with Lv 1 Shion because it gives you the ability to attack your opponent directly before they can manage to build a defense.
  • Combat Realian Female
    •  Same as above.
  • Simeon
    • This card can only attack once every two turns but it has an effect that inflicts 1 damage to all cards on your opponent's side of the field, each turn.
    • Probably the hardest card to summon in this deck. Being able to summon it will pretty much insure your victory though.
  • VX-10000
    • Same as Lv 1 KOS-MOS, you can summon this card without fulfilling the requirement and paying the cost as long as Shion is on your side of the field
  • Matthews
    • While this card is on the field, both players must pay a Cost of 1 during the beginning of their respective turns.
    • Kinda a double-edged sword but a nice way to hasten the battle.
  • Miyuki's Email
    • Negate the activation and effect of your opponent's Event Card.
    • Only use this if your opponent activates an Event Card that lets them recover cards to their deck.
  • Mary & Shelley
    • Draw two cards and add them to your hand.
  • Investigation of the Planetary Disappearance
    • Draw 5 cards. Select 1 and add it to your hand. The rest are returned to your deck.
    • Use this to draw key cards like Waste Money, KOS-MOS or VX-10000 to support Shion on the field. 
  • Waste Money
    • Both players must draw an additional 1 card during their respective Draw Phase.
    • This is kinda a double-edged sword like Matthews but it will really hasten up the game and save you some time.
Deck Strategy
  1. Your starting hand must consist of Lv 1 Shion and at least 1 Combat Realian (preferably 3). If not, then press to reshuffle and draw again until you do. You can keep exchanging cards up to 5 times per battle.
  2. Summon Lv 10 Shion, KOS-MOS or VX-10000 and preferably more Realians.
  3. Just keep attacking your opponent's deck directly. It usually takes up to Turn 5 before the opponent can build a decent attacking force, so use this as an opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible before they do.
  4. With Waste Money and Mathews to hasten up the game, the battle should be over before they could even land a direct attack on you.
Gameplay Video


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