Monday, September 5, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: The Role of a God (Ep.8)

After Kukuri's repairs were finished, they immediately went training to ensure maximum efficiency of the man-made god. Now, Utao and the gang finally returns to their life at Tokyo. Not knowing what awaits their arrival. ­­

You look kinda QUALITY there, Utao.
Hibino's dad got an invite to the beach but can't come due to work, so he sent his daughter and her friends in his place instead. This would have been a good idea if it weren't for the terrible storm. This should have been a nice beach episode. Damn you storm!!!

She wears a red bikini just in case? This girl is equipped!!
Power went down because of the weather and their little vacation changed direction from not so good to utter crap. A bunch of stuff happens like the roof is leaking like a damn shower and the owner getting hit by a tree. None of those are really relevant to the story though, this is just a poor excuse of a filler episode that promises girls in scanty bikinis that failed to deliver.

OMG! Utao is wearing a FIRE BIRD shirt!!
Wait! What the bloody hell is a FIRE BARD?!!
After some crawling in the dark, Utao saves the day once again. Having a man-made god seems handy, she can save people and is not afraid to do it. After the storm, the girls went to the beach to enjoy what little time they have left of their vacation, and it all happened off-screen. What? No fanservice?

This did not happen. It's just Kyouhei's imagination.
They came home the next day. Hibino was asked by her father to return some books for him to the library. After she left, they noticed that another book was left behind so he sent Utao to catch up with her and return the book for him.

Is he really reading the book? Looks more like staring blankly.
Hibino arrives at the library and returned the books. There, he meets Aki and started talking to him. After knowing about his past, she is still puzzled of Aki's goals and the reason why he's targeting Kyouhei. He admits to her that he wanted to awaken the beast inside Kyouhei so they could be the same. Oh, I see... So let's assume that Aki is Sephiroth and Kyouhei is Cloud, then this busty girl must be Tifa and Utao is Cait Sith? Damn! What the hell am I thinking?

Are all white-haired villains the same? I hope not.
He threatens to kill her just to force that power from Kyouhei to awaken but Utao arrives just in time to stop him. Before a battle ensues inside the library, Hibino managed to stopped the two until they reached the outside. Then the battle between two gods commences and the skies are shaken once again.

OMG! His eyes are gone! He's blind all along!!
Although Utao improved a lot due to her training, Aki is just way ahead of her. The battle didn't last long as the white-haired guy was just playing around. He left after leaving a message for Kyouhei that the game is far from over.

Consensual rape? Does that even exist?
The two came back home with Hibino going straight to her room. Kyouhei got worried and wants to comfort her but managed to put himself into yet another awkward situation instead. When will this show start getting serious?

Next Episode:
Tangled Relations

His little sister got a little jealous there.


Anonymous said...

this show looks twisted and awesome. My kind of anime!
also, I really love the art style. will definitely check this out.

Bersercules said...

A filler episode that doesn't deliver on the T&A? I dislike this!
Consensual rape? Tell me more!

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