Monday, September 19, 2011

Sacred Seven: A Blade Sharpened (Ep.11)

Kenmi's men have begun to move and Aiba Foundation was immediately crushed without wasting any time. Makoto sneaks around the academy without being seen to meet with Alma and ask his assistance in saving the princess from the enemy's hands. ­­

They have guns, it can't be helped.
Before the two could even plan their course of action, Kenmi's men arrives just stop them. Even though they saved the world a few times from monstrous threats before, they were rendered powerless by normal people with guns.

Wait a minute! Did a bunch of girls just save their hide?
Before they were taken captive by the enemy troops, Aiba's maid combat unit arrives just in time to save them, bringing all available weaponry in stock along with them. This includes but not limited to: bullet-proof maid uniforms, handguns, rocket launcher, anti-tank rifle, assault rifle, katana and a fully-equipped Engagement Suit for Makoto. Fei came afterwards to tag along with them.

Hey! That underwear looks cute and sexy.
Inside Kenmi's research facility, Ruri was about to be dissected alive by the professor himself. He aims to extract the Sacred Core inside her heart and use its power for personal gain. He opens up her top to reveal her delicious chest, then slowly thrusts the knife into her smooth skin. She immediately reacts with fear which caused her powers to go berserk, thus containing her body inside a giant crystal much like her sister.

Oh no! Not this crystal thing again!!
Alma, Makoto and the maids have infiltrated the enemy base. The maids were in-charged of dealing with the grunts while Makoto fights Kenmi's SP alone in his Engagement Suit. Alma and Fei runs toward Ruri's location but Number Zero came to stop them. During the confusion, Alma sees the gemstone that he lost and grabs it while he tries to escape. Luckily, Knight enters the scene to attract the enemy's attention so he managed to runaway without worries.

Holy Jesus Batman! Number Zero looks all buffed up!!
Alma reached Ruri's location but her powers are still going haywire so Alma used his gemstone pendant to neutralize her powers, saving her from being crystallized permanently. Kenmi claps his hands as he can now continue the extraction of the core without any problems.

Love will conquer all?
While Alma and Ruri were dealing with Kenmi, Knight and Fei were fighting with Number Zero. They injected Zero with the vaccine which caused some his memory to return. Zero rushes to Kenmi's location and attacks his men in a fit of rage. He dies immediately after Kenmi plunges his hand into his heart, extracting another Sacred Core to power his suit.

Holy Jesus Batman! Number Zero is burning up!!
What will happen now that Kenmi have gained true power? He'll probably die a miserable death since Knight and Alma is there to stop him and there's no way he could fight off two Dark Stones at once. This show is badly written with poor animation quality but we have watched it this far so don't drop it now! Only one more episode to go.

Next Episode:
Sacred Seven

Holy Jesus Batman! Number Zero... Oh wait, it's just Kenmi.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with those girls. :3

Mai Yang said...

whoa. anime girls are really sexy. but I haven't heard of this one..hmm

neatfit said...

I like the descriptions and pictures you add in, this genre doesn't interest me but I'm looking forward to other animes you have.

Bersercules said...

Wow this sounds like it has everything! Girls guns exposed chests! I love it! (the girls and their chests!)

Fang said...

How about a big red SPOILER ALERT tag at the top of the post? ;D

Hasidic Plumber said...

I love how little schoolgirls with humongous tits always end up fighting off gigantic robotic monsters. That's how real life should be

Mochileiro said...

Thanks, great review!

DWei said...

Yeah, I think these maids should have been in the previous episodes. They can actually fight.

coneforce said...

I'm so in to this anim. ...great review!! and blog as well...following!

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