Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sacred Seven: Aoi's Memory (Ep.10)

Due to a certain incident from the previous episode, Aoi's crystal cage breaks apart but the girl still remains unconscious. Alma was curious about what happened in the past so he asked Ruri to tell him all about the tragedy that started it all. ­­

It all started five years ago on Christmas eve. The family was preparing for the holiday when Kenmi suddenly showed up to pay a visit. It seems like Aiba Foundation have withdrawn their support for Kenmi's research facility after discovering how cruel the experiments really are. Kenmi was not happy about it.

They left Ruri all alone!! Those bastards!
Before the family moves out and proceed to their vacation house to celebrate, the Christmas gift that Aoi and Ruri made for their parents suddenly broke. The two girls somewhat blamed each other and Ruri decided to stay in their house while she stubbornly tries to fix it. The family couldn't wait for her any longer so they decided to go ahead to the vacation house instead, leaving Makoto incharged of making sure that Ruri arrives at the villa when she's done.

Awwwwww, Ruri is lonely without her sister. (T^T)
While Ruri was trying to repair their Christmas gift, both her parents and her sister are all being attacked by a Dark Stone inside their vacation house. Makoto's father tried to protect the family but he was overpowered by the enemy.

Holy Jesus Batman! Number Zero looks so slim in there.
After killing all the maids and both parents, there was nothing left but Aoi. She tried to protect herself out of fear which triggered her latent powers but this caused her body to be encased in a huge crystal. Forever imprisoned inside the power that protected her.

My parents told me I could be anything, so I became a diamond.
Makoto's dad stands up one last time to protect what remains of the family that he serves. He lures out the enemy to a location with hidden explosives and detonates it as the creature approaches. He goes out in a blaze of glory together with the enemy. The blast was not enough to kill the savage beast though, but it was enough to make it retreat.

Makoto looks sad looking at the unconscious Aoi.
After a while, both Makoto and Ruri arrives at the vacation house, witnessing the end of her happy family. But all is not lost as they find Aoi alive and well inside the burning building, just encased in a giant crystal.

This episode was nicely animated, I can see that they really put some of the budget into animating this episode since the previous one was shit. The whole episode was full of Aoi and Ruri that I was literally drowning in cuteness. There's only more 2 episodes left until the end of the show so hang in there.

Next Episode:
A Blade Sharpened


Hasidic Plumber said...

I would crap my pants if that number zero robot fella appeared in my bedroom. Like seriously full blown poop in my pants.

Big points for the gang for riding a Hummer. Keeping it classy hahahah

Anonymous said...

Makoto looks classy. :D

Natural One said...

Its a Halo reptilian

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Shaw said...

This show looks... intersting..

DWei said...

Yeah... I don't know how a bunch of maids are going to protect you from that thing.

dora said...

this show looks great

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