Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sacred Seven: Final Episode (Ep.12)

Kenmi was able to grasp a Sacred Core by ripping it off Zero's mutated heart. With it, he was able to power his suit and turn into an abomination. Not content with such powers, he threatens the rest that he will devour them all  and become a god himself. ­­

Our little princess awakens at last!
Kenmi abducts Fei and transforms her into a shield so Knight would hesitate about attacking him. The plan totally worked as Knight went down with absolute ease. This caused Fei to prioritize her friend's safety and provoked Kenmi into killing her so Knight wouldn't have the need to hold back anymore.

Wait! He has the power to turn people into shields?!
Kenmi granted her request and crushes her neck but Alma interfered before he could finish and sliced off his arm instead. With one arm down, he absorbs Knight's power and regrew the limb he just lost. After losing all his powers, Knight falls unconscious to the ground.

Does he really need to grow claws just to crush someone's neck?
Fei blames herself once more and went chaotic. She transforms into a Dark Stone and started shooting Kenmi with a barrage of golden star bullets, little did she know that all her attacks are being absorbed by him thus powering him up even more. Her powers gave Kenmi the ability to generate a golden shell that is immune to all of Alma's attacks and a scary face that could scare little children away.

Whoa! That's one ugly face you got there.
Alma runs around the whole mountain as he accelerates each second in an attempt to collect enough force that could penetrate the golden armor. He then summons a drill on his left arm and attacks the enemy at light speed. The enemy was defeated but before he could fall, he planted his Sacred Core into Fei which turned her into a gigantic pyramid that shoots meteors.

Wait! She's the REAL final boss? I didn't expect this!
Knight wants to stop Fei but he could do nothing but watch as he could no longer transform after losing all his powers to Kenmi. Aoi enters the scene and used her gemstone to lend him her powers so he could fight once more. He transforms, not as a Dark Stone but as a Light Stone, giving him white armor instead of the usual black.

Damn! That new armor looks awesome!
Alma and Knight teamed up to stop Fei from destroying everything. The one in red armor absorbed all her powers while the one in white destroyed her grief. All problems are now solved and they all lived happily ever after.

White armor? Who the hell designed this shit!!?
Not even the final episode is good as there is no real conclusion to the story. The love triangle was completely ignored, Kenmi's other test subjects were never explored, and how Knight could summon Dark Stones at will was never explained. They didn't even give Kenmi a good reason to dissect Ruri if he could just snatch a Sacred Core from Number Zero with ease. The plot is just a huge cluster fuck. Oh well, at least it's all over now and I don't have to blog about this show ever again.

~The End~

End of spoilers. Oh wait... nevermind.


Bersercules said...

With the love triangle never being sorted out it sounds like real life!

Mochileiro said...

w, very exciting, but I'm not following the series.

Hasidic Plumber said...

Would you say that the people that draw this kind of stuff is seriously disturbed?

Fang said...

I read "Zero's heart" and immediately thought of Code Geass.
/fanboy squeal?

Anonymous said...

The drawings are awesome. D:

Lord Phrozen said...

Nah, if this show is like real life then both girls should be pregnant by now.

This show is animated by Sunrise, the same studio that produced Code Geass. You can even see the resemblance on some of the characters.

Shaw said...

Yay, no more posts about an anime I have little interest in watching! No offense...

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