Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sacred Seven: Will Like a Rolling Stone (Ep.9)

They are attacked by two Dark Stones from two different locations. Alma goes to fight one of them and leaves the other for the Aiba Foundation to take care off. Can Ruri handle this threat without Alma's help or would they fall powerless against the enemy? ­­

Hoho~ Sunrise is already reusing shots from Episode 1.
It all started with Alma's judo training. Kagami forced him to take Judo classes so he can fight better when the situation comes. The training was pretty hard for him though as he goes to school all tired because of it. Something happened at school... blah blah blah... then the Dark Stone attacks!!

What the fuck happened to the budget, Sunrise?
Two Dark Stones have spawn in two different areas which means that Alma can't fight both enemies at once. Alma fights one while the whole Aiba Foundation fights the other, this includes but not limited to; Ruri, Kagami, the whole Maid Brigade and whatever advanced weaponry they have in their arsenal.

I still don't know the names of those maids...
Alma fights like a kid again, not taking it seriously. Honestly, it's like he doesn't have any motivation at all! The fight scene is almost like a comedy show with Alma's ass being handed to him with absolute ease. After being brutally beaten for like ten minutes straight, he remembers some shit then proceeded to throw down the enemy with his neck... HIS NECK!!! Then the enemy explodes after one punch.

The largest laser cannon in the world is piloted by the tiniest girl in class.
Dark Stones seems to be immune to modern weaponry so Ruri and Kagami's efforts are all in vain and Alma came to save them in the nick of time. After defeating both enemies, their remains flew to the sky and have merged together to create a new enemy! Not to worry though, Alma can destroy anything with a single attack because his ONE SINGLE BLOW IS... INVINCIBLE!!!

Corundum Laser Cannon? Useless!!
This episode is a poor excuse to give Alma two new abilities, first is to run like The Flash and second it to transform into a goddamn electric meteor. The quality is all bad despite reusing some scenes from the first episode like the Sniper Maids and Kagami's machine which leads to the question; Where did the budget go? The fight scenes are all laughable and overall the episode is but disappointing.

Next Episode:
Memories of Aoi


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