Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: Demons, everywhere you turn! (Ep.2)

This show just keeps getting better and better! The show starts with a giant squid monster attacking a nearby amusement park when Harumi and the rest of the school kids are having a field trip. The squid managed to capture the children then Enma arrives not having a damn about saving those children, he just wants to destroy him no matter what! ­­
How did she get naked?

Of course, the squid isn't as dumb as it looks and actually have his own counter plan. He got Princess Yukiko as a hostage beforehand and not only that, he got her completely naked too!With the cards playing at his hands (or in this case, tentacles) the squid monster demands Enma to unhand all his weapons. Enma did as the squid says but with a plan! As he threw his fire staff into the beast, it suddenly turn into some kind of fire boomerang and chopped off all of the enemy's tentacles. Enma then proceeded into obliterating the squid with his hammer and cook his remains. Everyone ate calamares and lives happily ever after. Not the amusement park owner though, his park suffered the same fate as the school did, destroyed by Enma's hammer.

Yukiko never learns, eh?
We then get this flashback when they first arrive into human realm. Monsters are scheming and they were peeping. Demon Patrol wasn't kidding and they all started fighting. Everything was going smoothly and then suddenly Yukiko got captured by snakes and guess what happens next? C'mon you don't need to think hard. Here, I'll give you 3 seconds to think... 3... 2... 1... Still don't have an clue, huh? Okay fine, I'll tell you... She got completely naked AGAIN!!! This is why I love this show! Princess Yukiko does something cute, then gets captured, then for some unknown weird reason she always ends up completely naked. They beat the boss, yada yada yada... This is all about Yukiko being naked anyway so let's just skip to the end shall we? The End

Next Epsisode: 
3rd Flame: Bigger is Better

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Anonymous said...

This has gotta be the best show ever. Crazy monsters, zany heroes, sexy Princess Yukiko getting naked and saved from tentacles. What's not to like?

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