Monday, April 18, 2011

Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy: Hi-Elixir Grinding

Please turn on annotations to see a visual guide while watching.

How to easily farm Hi-Elixir and trade accessories that require them.
Main Character Setup:

  • Weapon:
    • Sexy Cologne
  • Arm:
    • Member's Card
  • Head:
    • Blond Wig
  • Body:
    • Silk Dress
  • Set Bonus:
    • Allure of Honey 
      • Battlegen Rate+50%
      • Drop Rate+50%)
  • Basic Accessories
    • Sunrise
  • Special Accessories
    • Lucky Charm
    • Rabbit's Foot
    • Fake Mustache
    • Dangerously Lucky
  • Trade Accessories
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
   Adjust Level:
  • Lv.100 
    • For maximum LUK stat.
Dummy Character Setup:

  • Remove all except for one HP Attack
    • Preferably the slowest HP Attack like ExDeath's Maelstrom or Emperor's Starfall.
  • Special Accessories
    • Training Ring
      • So your dummy can't kill you and would be easier to BRV Break.
  • Trade Accessories
    • Catoblebas Eye
    • Kujata Horn
    • Bahamut Horn
    • Syldra Spine
    • Moore Log
    • Elder Log
    • Behemoth Leather
    • Siren's Veil
    • Shiva's Veil
      • Basically any accessory that requires Hi-Elixir to create.
  • None
    • So the enemy can't interrupt you.
Original Rule Setup:
  • EX Force Absorption: 
    • Maximum
  • Everything else: 
    • Minimum

   If you want to battlegen those accessories:
  • Wallrush, BRV Break, HP Attack and EX Burst to receive Battlegen.
  • Finish the enemy.
  • Receive Hi-Elixir as component drop.
   If you want Hi-Elixir only:
  • Change your accessory:
    • Sunrise to Force to Courage
  • Initiate a Chase Attack.
  • Press to chase the enemy.
  • Receive a lot of BRV.
  • Press to do an HP Attack.
  • Inflict 9999 HP damage.
  • Finish the enemy.
  • Receive multiple copies of Hi-Elixir as component drops.
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Anonymous said...

can you do the same against YUNA for Smiting Soul?

Lord Phrozen said...

Yes, there's a high chance that Smiting Soul's trade components will drop. You can then just trade it in the shop afterwards to get Smiting Soul itself.

Anonymous said...

you just have to go to the shop and select the items? the friend card will just have those items that needs hi-elixirs?

Anonymous said...

the more items i have tht need hi-elixer the better chance i will have at getting it?

Anonymous said...

doenst work!

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